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Do You Sometimes Sit Down At the Computer,
and You SWEAR You’ll Be Productive?

And the Next Thing You Know, It’s Eight Hours Later?

You have a task or want to finish a project. Maybe you need to finish a report for your boss, writing a blog article or your thesis…

You feel motivated at night thinking about what you’ll get done the next day. But the motivation fades quickly and you end up asking yourself why you aren’t following through today.

You decide upon your goals with huge motivation, but it
doesn’t last very long.

  • Just check email for a minute…
  • Just reply to that comment on Facebook…
  • Just watch that ONE video on Youtube…
  • Just say hi to a friend who just logged onto Skype.

And before you know it, the DAY IS OVER.

Which Type Sounds
More Like You?

Are you one of the VERY FEW people who have ENOUGH SELF-DISCIPLINE to take regular breaks and avoid distractions of all kind?


Or are you distracted easily by Facebook, Reddit, Youtube, Forums, News Sites, Emails, Games, etc. all the time?


The Problem

You lose 23 minutes each time you switch tasks

Studies show that every time you check email, a social feed, or respond to a notification, your mind requires 23 minutes of re-focus time to get back on task

Multitasking is 40% less productive

While you may feel incredibly productive jumping around putting out a lot of fires, you are actually 40% less productive when multitasking. Other studies show that multitasking will decrease your IQ by 10 points!

Willpower is a finite resource

Willpower, much like other resources, is finite. We only have so much and we use it up fast. Ignoring distractions takes effort that results in a temporary depletion of willpower. And while we try to ignore it or shut it off, the digital world is intentionally designed to win the battle.

Backed by Research


That’s Why Most Productivity Experts Recommend To Use Tools
Which Help You To Stay Focused and the reason we created


The Anti-Procrastination Software for Mac


Key Features

Delay Discounter

Delay discounting is a mind trick recommend by behavioural scientists like Kelly McGonigal. Researchers found out that the longer you have to wait for a reward (e.g. checking your favourite social media site or playing a game online) the less it is worth to you. The reason is that your brain chooses immediate gratification at the cost of future rewards.
However, the good news is: Even small delays can dramatically lower the perceived value of any temptation.

In practice that means your urge to visit Facebook, Reddit, Youtube etc. or playing a game has only a narrow window of opportunity to overwhelm your brain. As soon as there is any distance between you and the temptation, the rational part of your brain takes over.



Committing one’s future self to do the thing you KNOW you should be doing to achieve your goal.

Here is what scientists recommend:

  1. Create a new default:

Make choices now when you are rational. Once you made your choice

  1. Make it more difficult to reverse your preferences. Get rid of temptation when you need to work. FindFocus will not make it impossible that you procrastinate away from your computer but at least you won’t spend your time on Facebook, Youtube or Reddit.

The Problem:

We are rotational as long as everything is in theory but when the temptation is real, your brain shifts into reward-seeking mode to make sure you don’t miss out.

  1. Motivate your Future Self

Pomodoro Timer

Use your favourite time management technique and stick to it! Whether you like to work in blocks of 25min and 5 minute breaks or 50min/10min or 43min/17min breaks

The FindFocus Pomodoro Timer let’s you create your perfect productivity sequence. profiles.

Just select your profiles, hit start and be “in the zone”. Every day!


Break Features

Automated breaks

Experts recommend taking a 5mintue break every hour! That’s why FindFocus is not only a website and app blocker, but It can automatically remind.

Break Reminder

Never forget to get a break again!
You work on something important? No Problem. Just hit postpone and delay your break without forgetting to take one.

Break Enforcer

Are you even procrastinating on what’s good for you? Force yourself to take a break!

Break Postponement

Work on something important? No Problem. Just postpone taking your break for a few minutes without skipping it completely.

Productivity Profiles


Group your websites into categories to create a new sequence or block specific URLs in seconds. Create lists for Social Media Sites, Email and Work related websites or games.

Profile Descriptions

Keep the overview. Create powerful descriptions for every profile you create

White List Mode for Websites

Block only the websites that distract you while still being able to use any other site.

Black List Mode for Websites

Block the entire internet except the few sites that you need. Much better that disconnecting the entire internet with more and more tools moving to the cloud.

Wildcard Syntax for Websites

Only want to use a certain part of a website or forum? We got you covered. Just block (or a allow the part of the website you need)

White List Mode for Apps

Want to block your local email client or prevent yourself from playing games with Steam? No problem. Just chose the apps that waste your time.

Black List Mode for Apps

Are you a workaholic? Use the black list mode for apps at the end of the day to force yourself to shut it down. That’s literally the only thing you can do if you block all apps on your mac.

Focus Mode Protection

Delay Discounter

You can end your focus mode any time you want. Only catch: You have to wait a few minutes. Often times this is enough to keep you focused.

Focus Text

Enter a motivational text or a quote before leaving the focus mode.

Focus Text Hard-core Mode

Enter a motivational text without making a mistake! Otherwise you have you start again.

Random Character Protection

Entering a text is too easy? Try our random character protection.

Random Character Protection Hard-core Mode

Be careful. Only for nerds. Type in a random string of characters without making a mistake.

Fort Knox Mode

Maximum Protection for Hard-core Addicts. You cannot quit the focus mode and have to continue working on your project (or call your mom to complain).

Try FindFocus For FREE and
Skyrocket Your Productivity

You won’t believe how much you can actually get done in a single day when being
productive is the ONLY thing there IS to do,
because FindFocus
won’t LET you do anything else!


Get Rid of Online Procrastination and
Improve Your Focus and Productivity

Use Technology to Manage Technology

​Block what you want, when you want, and be more productive.

Sit down to work and set your willpower on autopilot without being distracted. You’ll be amazed at how much you get done incredibly easy if you focus on what matters most.
FindFocus will block your most distracting apps and websites, like Facebook, Reddit, Youtube or your email client when you need to get work done.

Charge Your Energy With Regular Breaks

​Remind or even “force” yourself to take regular breaks.

All the little tasks and decisions we have to make every day as we work gradually deplete our psychological resources.
Taking a break—even for 5 to 10 minutes on a regular basis is a proven way to sustain concentration and energy levels throughout the day.

Schedule Your "Focus Sessions" In Advance

Build Habits That Last Even When “You Don’t Feel Like It”

It’s easy to say “just turn it off” or “just quit it”, but research shows that it’s not at all easy to do. Our brains crave the rewards triggered by digital distractions – the tiny hits of dopamine that keep us checking, responding, nibbling away. Plan checking your emails only twice a day, or visiting Facebook during your lunch break or after work. Set it up once and stick to your decision.

NEW: Focus Pause

Need to look up something important without getting lost for 2 hours? There is no need to turn off the app. Just pause your focus mode for a few minutes without leaving it. Or use it as a reward to go to Facebook, Youtube or Reddit for a few minutes. Of course, the Focus Pause can be protected like the Focus Mode to make it harder to cheat.

Try FindFocus For FREE and
Skyrocket Your Productivity

You won’t believe how much you can actually get done in a single day when being
productive is the ONLY thing there IS to do,
because FindFocus
won’t LET you do anything else!


About the Creator

Martin is the creator of the FindFocus Distraction and Website Blocker for Mac. He wants to help people working online like authors, journalists, students or developers to stay away from distracting websites like Youtube, Facebook or Reddit and/or applications like local email clients and games with automated schedules and breaks that will “force you” to implement the productive habits you already know you should be doing but always fail to do on a regular basis.

As a “Procrastination-Expert” Martin studies various experts in psychology, productivity, and willpower in order to create “technology to manage his habits” using the latest scientifically proven methods to increase productivity and overcome procrastination.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is FindFocus all about?

FindFocus is a website and application blocker that is completely flexible, so you can make it suited to your needs. The main purpose is to force you to work on your most important tasks without falling victim to distractions, while you decide for yourself how hard it is to turn off the app.

How much does FindFocus cost?

Asking how much the software costs is the wrong question. So what’s the right question to ask?

It’s about how much do you value your time? For example, if you value your time at $50/h and estimate that you waste just one hour every working day that would mean you waste 20 x $50 = $1000 per month. Of course, FindFocus is much cheaper than that.

Did you develop FindFocus yourself?

No. Although I am an engineer, I am not a programmer. I specify all the features and let my team do the development of the app. (All development costs are paid with my savings at the moment!!!) This insures your get the best app possible developed by world class developers and I can focus on the behaviour of the app without being distracted by technical issues.

Does FindFocus work on Windows and Mac?

FindFocus was built first originally for Mac but in a way, that makes it possible to use some of the code for a Windows Version as well.

We’re happy to announce that it now supports Windows 10 as well.

Other Windows versions are currently being tested and therefore officially NOT supported (yet).

P.S.: Still on the fence? Just try FindFocus and see the results for yourself.

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