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Frequently Asked Questions

What is FindFocus all about?

FindFocus is a website and application blocker that is completely flexible, so you can make it suited to your needs. The main purpose is to force you to work on your most important tasks without falling victim to distractions, while you decide for yourself how hard it is to turn off the app.

How much does FindFocus cost?

There is a free trial of 14 days. After that the official price is $197 at the moment. However if you are a distraction junkie like me this app will save you at least one hour every day (probably more like 2-5 hours!) So even if you’re only making $10/hour you will see and ROI in less than one month. During the launch phase you can expect some great discounts or even get the application for free if you win one of the first 100 licences!

Did you develop FindFocus yourself?

No. Although I am an engineer, I am not a programmer. I specify all the features and let my team do the development of the app. (All development costs are paid with my savings at the moment!!!) This insures your get the best app possible developed by world class developers and I can focus on the behaviour of the app without being distracted by technical issues.

Will there be a Version for Windows?

FindFocus was build in a way, that makes it possible to use some code for a Windows Version as well. However developing an application like this is REALLY expensive. So I have to make the Mac Version successful first before I can create FindFocus for Windows, Android or iOS.

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