ELMessengerPro – Review 2023

ELMessenger Pro Review - ELMessengerPro - Best Facebook Marketing CRM For FacebookMessenger

Are you tired of aimlessly scrolling through Facebook to find potential clients and are you ready to take your Facebook marketing game to the next level?

In this ELMessenger Pro Review, I’ll be going over the top benefits and features of ELMessenger Pro, as well as my personal experience using the tool and how I used it to build a 6-figure business. 

So, let’s dive in and see how you can benefit from over 35 micro-features this Facebook CRM offers, how it seamlessly integrates with the Facebook interface, allowing you to manage your Messenger inbox and stay organized using just your personal Facebook profile. 

Whether you’re an affiliate marketer, network marketer, or coach/consultant, ELMessenger Pro can help you generate more targeted leads and ultimately grow your business.

As an expert in Facebook organic marketing and SEO, I understand the struggles that come with trying to generate targeted leads on social media and the questions you have prior to buying a tool like ELMessenger Pro.

Martin’s Trophy For Makeing More Than $10,000 Using ELMessenger

That’s why I was excited to write this ELMessenger Pro Review not only as a random affiliate but as someone where this tool is at the core of my business and you explain how can try it and see how it could help you streamline your outreach efforts and make Facebook Organic Marketing scalable.

What is ELMessengerPro?

ELMessenger Pro is a powerful Chrome extension designed to automate your Facebook marketing tasks and make your life easier. With its intuitive interface and 35+ micro features, it allows you to generate targeted leads, manage your Messenger inbox, and stay organized using just your personal Facebook profile. 

As you might know, the problem with traditional Facebook marketing methods is that they can be time-consuming, frustrating, and often result in low-quality leads. 

That’s where ELMessenger Pro comes in, providing a 3 step solution that makes finding and engaging with ideal clients a breeze.

  • Step #1: Outreach: Use ELMessenger Pro to reach your dream clients on Facebook.
  • Step #2: Organization: Create & Organize client pipelines with canned messages, labels, and notes – just like in your favorite CRM.
  • Step #3: Engagement: Engage with your true fans who comment or react to your content. Create campaigns and move clients through the pipeline to a sale.
Get organized and close more deals with ELMessenger Pro's advanced tagging and note-taking system

This tool is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their Facebook marketing game, including affiliate marketers, network marketers, coaches, and consultants. ELMessenger Pro is easy to use and comes with step-by-step video training and exceptional customer support.

Who Created ELMessengerPro?

ELMessenger Pro was created by the team at CloudKii®, a software development and digital marketing company.

Top benefits of ELMessengerPro

Saves time. ELMessenger Pro automates your Facebook marketing process, allowing you to spend your time more effectively and focus on other areas of your business.

Increases leads: The tool’s micro features allow you to generate targeted leads, helping you find new clients more efficiently.

Organizes Messenger inbox: With ELMessenger Pro, you can keep track of all your communications in one place, making it easier to follow up with potential customers.

Improves outreach: The tool’s personalization features mimic human interaction, allowing you to engage with prospects on a more personalized level.

Take your Facebook marketing to the next level with ELMessenger Pro's Messenger campaigns.

Seamless integration: ELMessenger Pro integrates seamlessly with the Facebook interface, offering a natural and intuitive experience.

Safe to use: The tool was designed to mimic human behavior, and its randomized intervals and unique message segments make it safe to use without triggering Facebook’s spam filters.

Exceptional customer support: ELMessenger Pro comes with step-by-step video training and exceptional customer support, ensuring that you can make the most of the tool.

Best Features of ELMessengerPro

ELMessenger Pro offers a wide range of unique features that set it apart from other Facebook marketing tools. Whether you are an affiliate marketer promoting high ticket programs, a network marketer working with a company, or a coach and consultant looking for more clients, ELMessenger Pro has got you covered. 

With its 35+ micro features, you can generate targeted leads, manage your Messenger inbox, and stay organized using just your personal Facebook profile. Plus, it is safe, easy to use, and comes with step-by-step video training and exceptional customer support.

Get organized and close more deals with ELMessenger Pro's advanced tagging and note-taking system for Facebook Messenger.

Automated Friend Requests

Automated Friend Requests is a powerful feature of ELMessenger Pro that can help you grow your network and connect with more potential customers. With just a few clicks, you can send out personalized friend requests to individuals who meet your ideal customer profile. This feature allows you to automate the process of reaching out to new contacts, making it easier for you to expand your network and increase your chances of making more sales. 

Automated messages: 

ELMessenger Pro’s automated messaging feature works by allowing you to create customized messages that can be sent out automatically to your target audience. By using this feature, you can easily and efficiently connect with potential clients and customers, and build meaningful relationships that can lead to more business opportunities.

Messenger campaign:

The Messenger campaign feature in ELMessenger Pro solves the problem of how to keep track of all your conversations with potential clients on Facebook. With this feature, you can easily create message templates and set up automated follow-ups, which saves you time and ensures that no lead falls through the cracks. This feature is especially useful for those who need to manage multiple conversations at once and want to maintain a high level of personalization in their outreach efforts.

Tagging and note-taking: 

ELMessenger Pro helps you stay organized and keep track of important information about your leads. By creating custom tags and notes, you can quickly and easily identify key details about each contact, such as their interests, pain points, and where they are in the sales funnel. This feature allows you to personalize your communication and ensure that you are providing value to each individual lead, leading to higher conversion rates and a more successful Facebook marketing strategy.

Integration with the CloudKii CRM And GoHighLevel: 

While ELMessenger Pro is primarily designed to work within Facebook and works great as a standalone app, it also offers a direct integrations with the CloudKii CRM or any other whitelabel version of GoHighLevel. This allows you to create some very advanced follow-up campaigns using, email, SMS inside the GoHighLevel platform. 

Core Benefits In A Nutshell

🚨Organize Messenger Inbox

  • Create color coded tags
  • Add a contact into a tag inside the messenger inbox
  • Add notes to contacts inside the messenger inbox
  • Filter contacts based off their tag
  • Filter contacts based on who responded last
  • Filter contacts based on a note
  • Create message templates as “canned responses”

🚨Automate Outreach

  • Create personalized welcome messages that rotate through different variations
  • Group Friender – Add members from a specific group
  • Post Friender – Add people that like a specific post
  • Common Friends Connector – Add people from the “People You May Know” column

🚨Follow Up With Leads

  • Send broadcast messages to people in a tag
  • Create advanced multi-message campaigns
  • Back-office contacts overview
  • Create Google calendar events/reminders within the messenger inbox

🚨Scale Through Automations

  • Automate the engagement of your “2-Step Lead Magnet Posts
  • Integrate ELMessenger Pro to your GoHighLevel account and create “pipeline tags”
  • Create and share ELMessenger Pro Framworks
  • Create “locked content” links

ELMessengerPro Pricing

ELMessengerPro is an affordable solution for anyone looking to streamline their Facebook marketing efforts. 

At only $67 per month or $497 per year, the cost is a fraction of what you might spend on hiring a virtual assistant to do the same tasks manually. 

Plus, the amount of time saved alone is worth the investment. Imagine being able to generate and follow up with leads in a matter of minutes rather than spending hours manually searching for potential clients. 

By using ELMessenger Pro, you can focus your time and energy on other aspects of your business, resulting in increased productivity and ultimately, increased revenue. 

When you factor in the potential revenue generated by the leads you’ll be able to acquire with ELMessenger Pro, it’s easy to see why this investment is a no-brainer.

ELMessengerPro Reseller Program

You might have seen different vendors offering ELMessengerPro. That’s because the developers of CloudKii offer a reseller program for ELMessenger Pro, which allows users to sell the product to their clients under their own branding. 

This program costs $197 per month and gives resellers 10 licenses to use and distribute to their clients. 

With this program, users can create a new stream of income by offering ELMessenger Pro to their clients, while also building their own brand and reputation as a Facebook marketing expert. 

It’s a win-win situation for both the reseller and their clients, as they both benefit from the centralized development and technical support that CloudKii offers. 

That being said, most partners offer coaching programs that cost $10,000 and more to teach people how to get the most out of this amazing software.

As one of the first partners (Elite Partner) with CloudKii, I have dozens of ELMessenger Pro customers. 

It’s important to note that no partner is allowed to offer the software below $67/month or $497/year but we’re allowed to offer additional value like the complementary training and tools you’ll get access to in the Gold membership. 

The AdsMadeFree Gold Membership – The Best Deal For ELMessengerPro 

With the AMF Gold membership, you can get access to ELMessenger Pro and a range of other tools and resources for just $67 per month. 

This means that for the same price as ELMessenger Pro alone, you can get access to AI Generator Pro, GroupKii, weekly live coaching sessions, monthly advanced training, and more. 

Not to mention, you can also earn recurring income as an affiliate by promoting the AMF Gold membership. 

With the AMF Gold membership, you’ll have all the tools and training you need to take your Facebook marketing efforts to the next level, all in one affordable package.

ELMessengerPro Pros and Cons

Are you considering using this Facebook CRM for your organic Facebook marketing efforts, but you’re unsure if it’s the right fit for you? 

As with any tool, there are both pros and cons to using ELMessenger Pro. 

In this article, we will delve into both the benefits and drawbacks of this Facebook marketing tool to help you make an informed decision about whether or not it’s the right choice for your business.

ELMessengerPro Pros

  • Automated friend requests and messages save time and increase productivity
  • Messenger campaigns allow for targeted outreach to potential clients
  • Tagging and note-taking features help to stay organized and keep track of important information
  • Back-Office provides a full-fledged CRM experience for premium users
  • Safe and secure, designed to mimic human behavior and avoid detection by Facebook algorithms
  • User-friendly interface with step-by-step video training and excellent customer support
  • No cap on friend requests or messages sent, allowing for unlimited growth potential

Saves money by reducing the need for paid advertising or hiring additional staff and the ROI potential is significant, as the time and money saved by using ELMessenger Pro can lead to increased sales and revenue.

ELMessengerPro Cons

Potential account risks: While ELMessenger Pro was designed to mimic human behavior, any automated tool comes with a risk of account suspension or closure. Although there is basically no risk if you’re using them, there is always a small chance that Facebook could detect the activity and take action.

Learning curve & Set-Up: Although ELMessenger Pro is easy to install, it does have a learning curve. Especially if you are new to Facebook organic marketing, it takes time to go through your contacts, apply the right tags, add notes and create campaigns that make sense for your business. That’s one of the main reason why I recommend joining a program like the AMF Gold Membership, so you’ll get expert help from someone like me. 

Price: While the monthly and yearly subscription options for ELMessenger Pro are competitive with other Facebook marketing tools, some users may find it too expensive for their budget, especially if they’re just starting out.

ELMessengerPro Alternatives


ELMessenger Pro Alternative

Pepper for Facebook is an alternative to ELMessengerPro that offers similar features such as targeting specific prospects inside Facebook groups based on keywords, sending friend requests and welcome messages, and turning Messenger into a CRM. 

Pepper also includes a Canned Responses feature to boost productivity and a Broadcast feature to send messages to friends on your list or specific groups. 

Pepper for Facebook is a great alternative to ELMessenger Pro, with its advanced automation features that can help you easily find and land high-paying clients. 

However, it is important to note that Pepper charges a monthly subscription fee of $249, which may not be feasible for all entrepreneurs who are looking for a cost-effective solution. In comparison, ELMessenger Pro offers similar features and benefits at a much more affordable price point of $67/month or $497/year.

ELMessengerPro Case Studies

ELMessenger Pro has helped many entrepreneurs and businesses achieve their marketing goals through its various features and capabilities. The Chrome Store is full of case studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of ELMessenger Pro in generating leads, increasing sales, and saving time for professionals in different areas.

For example, a network marketer who used ELMessenger Pro to reach out to potential leads on Facebook. Within two weeks of using the software, they were able to generate 90 leads and close two sales, resulting in over $1,000 in revenue.

You’ll also find another testimonial from a coach and consultant who used ELMessenger Pro to book more discovery calls with potential clients. With the help of the automated messaging feature, they were able to book 10 calls in just one week, leading to several new clients.

In another case study, an affiliate marketer used ELMessenger Pro to promote a high-ticket program just like me.

Conclusion: Should You Buy ELMessengerPro?

In summary, ELMessenger Pro is the ultimate Facebook marketing tool for anyone looking to generate targeted leads, manage their Messenger inbox, and stay organized using their personal Facebook profile. It combines the power of automation with the personal touch of human interaction, allowing users to save time and increase their productivity.

With features like automated friend requests, automated messaging, Messenger campaigns, tagging and note-taking, and integration with Google Calendar, ELMessenger Pro is a complete solution for affiliate marketers, network marketers, and coaches & consultants looking for more clients.

While there are other alternatives on the market like Pepper, ELMessenger Pro offers the most cost-effective solution at just $67/month or $497/year.

Plus, with the option to save extra money with the additional tool you can get through the AdsMadeFree Gold membership, you can even earn additional income by sharing the tool with others while at the same time get live coaching from me personally.

In conclusion, if you’re ready to take your Facebook marketing game to the next level and start generating more leads and clients, then it’s time to sign up for the AdsMadeFree Gold Membership that includes ELMessenger Pro and other useful tools like GroupKii or my AI Generator Pro.

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