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Block distracting websites and app on Mac and Windows

FindFocus is based on proven behavioral science & Delay Discounting

What is Delay Discounting? Delay Discounting  is an easy to understand life hack recommend by behavioral scientists like Kelly McGonigal.

Researchers found out that the longer you have to wait for a reward the less it is worth to you.

The reason is that your brain prefers feel good and amusing  low value activities at the cost of future high yield, down to earth  “Deep Work” that is productive and profitable. 

However, the good news is:

Even small delays can dramatically lower the perceived value of any pulse pounding temptation.In practice that means your urge to visit Facebook, Reddit, Youtube etc. or playing a game has only a narrow window of opportunity to overwhelm your brain.

As soon as there is any distance between you and the temptation, the rational part of your brain takes over, so you can focus on what matters most and get things done. 

Key Features

Delay Discounting

Don’t just block websites and apps. Use FindFocus to make yourself wait a moment to raise awareness – Just When You Need It Most

Focus Questions

Hire the best coach in the world (yourself when you are highly motivated) to watch over your shoulder 24/7. Ask yourself motivating questions before you get access to blocked websites. 


Nothing makes you more productive than good habits and consistency. Never forget to turn on your website blocker ever again.

Pomodoro Sequences

Create stunning, highly productive Pomodoro workflows (or any workflows you like) to build better routines & habits.

What others are saying about FindFocus:

Brett McKay from

I turn it on whenever I need to focus. Really liking it.

Brett McKay //  The Art Of Manliness

“FindFocus is a must-have application if you find it hard to stay focused and ignore distractions on your own.”

Sergiu Gatlan  //  Softpedia

​​​“You care about people being successful instead of your product being successful.”

Steve Lambert  // Creator of SelfControl for Mac

Delay DiscountingRaise Awareness – Just When You Need It Most 


Watch The Video To See How Use Productivity Profiles & Delay Discounting in FindFocus

“Traditionally, it’s been next to impossible to  use a website blocker  to raise awareness.”  

That’s because people like you who know about the power of precommitment have been forced to decide to block websites or just allow a few selected URLs using a white list.

Each website — Facebook, Netflix, Youtube, Twitter, Quora, reddit, your WordPress blog, or online software, as well as Gmail & other mail providers,  — each comes with their own purpose for productivity or leisure.  Each has a different appeal and power to keep you hooked. Our personal reactions to these services vary. You will find some websites are clearly time-draining and addictive, while others do not have the same grip on your consciousness.

Traditionally, it’s been next to impossible to use alternative website blockers like SelfControl to block websites depending on their level of addictiveness and time wasting potential, while remaining flexible in case of emergencies.

FindFocus changes all of that. Forever.

FindFocus allows you to craft productivity profiles designed to fit your unique situation.

​Each profile comes with its own protection settings using different methods to unlock FindFocus.This gives you the most flexibility in a website blocker you’ve ever seen without giving up its powerful blocking capabilities.


With FindFocus, you’ll always have the right level of guidance or willpower depending on which websites you need to get things done and the websites that waste your time.

Everyone is unique. Not everyone needs the prison-like limited URL blocking methods of traditional website blockers..

Choose the right protection settings to block websites for your specific situation and reap the benefits of making the thing you want to get done easier than wasting your time on distracting websites. 

You will wonder why you didn’t start to use FindFocus sooner.

​Focus QuestionsHave The Best Coach On Earth Watching Over Your Shoulder 24/7 


FindFocus was  build exclusively to make the things you know you should be doing easier than the things you like doing.  You won’t find this kind of turn-key, awareness raising productivity software ANYWHERE ELSE. Only in FindFocus.


Just set up a profile in FindFocus and click type in a”Focus Questions” to remind what you want to get done. You’ll get complete, fully pre-written, ready-to-get productive phrases — devised and tested (they’re “borrowed” from the most productive people on the Web like Tim Ferriss, Eben Pagan, Brendon Burchard) — straight in your members area. 

“It’s like having the best coach in the world reminding you to stay focused and get things done when ever you sit down on your computer.”  

Of course, these GET-Productive questions include all the reminders you need, and written with world-class reminders, , including the most important areas of productivity like working on your business, writing a book, finishing your Phd. or Masters thesis or homework assignment.   Just copy and paste the most inspiring question into your profile, and you’re ready to go.


Most powerfully, this feature has been completely designed for you with the intention to motivate you rather than to simply block internet access. 

When we say motivating, we mean MOTIVATING…


And this is just the beginning! Stay tuned as we continue to add more productivity phrases, completely done for you by some of today’s foremost Productivity Experts — all ready to copy and paste right into FindFocus.

The Scheduler Set Your Willpower On Auto-Pilot with the push of a button

Nothing makes you more productive than good habits and consistency EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Life can even be easy breezy (and fun, and carefree) once you get yourself on a good schedule. Having a schedule, and therefore some structure, makes peak productivity that much more likely.

Not only does a schedule mean that you will get more done (and give you the joy to truly relax on your highly-accomplished laurels), but it also means you have the opportunity to make free time a priority.

FindFocus lets create better routines with tools so advanced, it’s actually simple. Turn a productivity profile you created into a weekly routine based on the time and weekday when you need an extra dose of focus & motivation. 

The act of automation increases efficiency in your life, by enabling you to do things without consciously thinking about it.  

You will automatically get things done, without having to remind yourself to get things done.

The software will automatically start any productivity profile when you need it. No more thousands of instant messages, emails and messengers interrupting your work flow.

Willpower is finite and motivation is not constant.  That is why relying on routine to accomplish tasks is a lot easier than relying on willpower and motivation.  

Once you schedule your routine in FindFocus, it is on autopilot and the need for constant willpower and motivation is no longer necessary.  

Having a schedule means having control over your day from the moment you boot your computer until the moment you celebrate your accomplishments.It means doing exactly what you want, focusing on your most important work, and accomplishing all your goals.

Have we mentioned that FindFocus is the most flexible website blocker on the internet? 

You can use the Focus Pause and stop any productivity profile that you scheduled for a few minutes. 

Why would you want to do this?

Let’s image you need to do a quick research. If you get distracted FindFocus will automatically activate your productivity profile and block distracting websites, once the time is up.

 – Just when you need it most.

Sequences Create stunning, highly productive routines & habits in minutes

In today’s fast-paced, time-poor environment it’s normal to want to regain some control over your day.  

Transform time from being an enemy to being an ally in order to achieve your goals.

Take regular breaks and improve your work process with this deceptively simple time management method. The fundamentals of the building Sequences are simple yet incredibly effective. It’s all about setting aside blocks of time for doing whatever you please.

Think about it — if you get yourself into a bunch of good habits and routines, and they become your “thing,” then it doesn’t leave much room for your old, bad habits. A daily routine has the ability to help break bad habits. 

FindFocus will help you to stick to your new routine without getting distracted, and bad habits will be naturally eradicated from your life. How cool is that?

If you really want an easier life, and if you actually want to get things done, then a structured daily routine is where it’s at. Set your day up to get things done, and then bask in your long list of accomplishments.

It’s easier to accomplish everything with better  habits and routines

A typical example would be to use FindFocus to create a Sequence for the Pomodoro Technique.

The technique is pretty simple: 

1. Choose a weekly or daily routine you’d like to create2. Create a productivity profile with the websites and tools you need during your 25-minute “Deep Work”Sessions. 3. FindFocus will prevent you from getting distracted and you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the task for 25 minutes in one block. 4. When the time block is over, take a 5 minute break. For example, play a soothing song from YouTube, breathe, meditate, grab a cup of coffee, go for a short walk or do something else relaxing (i.e., not work-related). 6. Repeat this four times then schedule a longer break of 20 or 30 minutes in FindFocus. Your brain will use this time to assimilate new information and rest before the next session. 

The Black ListSay Good-Bye to Time-Sucking Websites and apps FOREVER

Use The Black-List for Websites that you never want to visit again.  

Sometimes using a schedule is NOT enough because you already know you don’t want to visit a certain website EVER again. Not now, not ever: NEVER againInstantly block websites like gaming websites or porn sites on your Mac or PC with this exclusive feature you’ll only find in FindFocus. 

Put yourself away from websites that you will never ever want to use on your computer again.  Overcoming bad habits that are tied to specific websites and apps has never been this easy.

Even better, FindFocus makes it a snap to add new websites to that list without disabling the software. (Another way that one could use to cheat; we’ve all been there already.) 


Just set click the little “+” button and say goodbye to the sites that keep you hooked and drain your willpower and energy. 


You will not be able to shut down or uninstall FindFocus once you have activated the blacklist.

FindFocus’ multilayered approach to website blocking gives you all the tools to design and create your ideal environment when working online. 

Easily get rid of the most addictive sites that you don’t need on your work computer.

  • •Gaming Sites like Steam (yes, you can even block the native app)
  • Netflix (who needs that to get work done)
  • Twitch
  • Porn Sites
  • all the sites that you don’t need on that specific computer….

When you combine this powerful feature with all the other tools that are built into FindFocus, it’s now far easier than ever before for you to focus on your most important work and get things done.

 Rated 4,5 Stars By SoftpediaHere Is What The Reviewers Said About FindFocus

Complex yet easy to use app designed to help you focus on the task at hand, to avoid distractions and to take well-timed breaks to stay productive

To help you stay motivated and focused throughout your work day, you can install FindFocus, a multi-faceted anti-procrastination macOS app created from the ground up with a single purpose in mind: to give you all the tools you require to get your work done.

Once you’ve mastered its Sequences and Schedule modules, you will most likely become unstoppable in your fight for boosting your daily productivity.

Sergiu Gatlan  //  FindFocus for Mac was reviewed 4.5/5

One of the most advanced and efficient anti-procrastination tools out there…

If staying focused while working on your computer, or on your Mac, is a real issue for you then here’s one of the best, if not the best, solution that comes in the form of an interesting app, appropriately dubbed FindFocus.

We’ll skip all the boring stuff by saying that it helps you block out various distractions to help you be as productive as possible, just like all apps of this sort manage or struggle to do.

But the thing that sets apart FindFocus from other such utilities is the way it does all of the above. “Thoroughly” would probably be the best word to describe it.”

Vladimir Ciobica  //  FindFocus for Windows (Beta) was reviewed 4.5/5

Martin Boeddeker  //  Creator of FindFocus

Martin is the creator of the FindFocus Distraction and Website Blocker for Mac. He wants to help people working online like authors, journalists, students or developers to stay away from distracting websites like YouTube, Facebook or Reddit and/or applications like local email clients and games with automated schedules and breaks that will “force you” to implement the productive habits you already know you should be doing but always fail to do on a regular basis.

As a “Procrastination-Expert” Martin studies various experts in psychology, productivity, and willpower in order to create “technology to manage his habits” using the latest scientifically proven methods to. increase productivity and overcome procrastination.

Martin Böddeker

Join Over 1,000 Happy Users

Findfocus has been a game changer for my productivity

​I run a lot of Facebook ads for my clients. I found my eyes constantly wandering around from the domain to scrolling the Facebook newsfeed. I added a plugin called “Kill Facebook” but then I started wasting times in Facebook groups.​After downloading Findfocus I was able to block the main URL while using Facebook’s business sub-domain to run ads for my clients.In terms of productivity I earned back the cost of FindFocus the first day.

Nicolas Eek  // Digital Marketer at 

FindFocus URL Blocker Testimonial

FindFocus keeps distractions away from my machine

I turned off email on my phone three years ago and it has helped a lot. I also took off twitter and fb off the phone, actually closed my FB all together, this helped even more. Still struggling with email, Twitter, and YouTube taking up my time, I got FindFocus from Martin to keep distractions away from my machine.

Dimity Dragilev //  PR-Expert and Founder of

I encourage you to check Out FindFocus, if you desire a little automated help in building good habits And focus

I was looking for software that would be very customizable, so that I could stretch myself to greater discipline, but allowed me the flexibility I need, given the dynamic nature of my business. The flexibility of FindFocus really impressed me. Whatever works for me may or may not work for you, but I encourage you to check FindFocus out, if you desire a little automated help in building up the good habits of focus.Martin’s engagement model is an example of extremely good customer advocacy. As his business grows I don’t know how this will scale for him, but the power of the mentor model for learning goes all the way back to Plato and Aristotle. Want to teach someone how to do something so they actually can use it? One-to-one mentoring is the key. 

Jeff Hora  //  Entrepreneur & Digital Marketing Consultant

Banish Frustration

As someone working online, you’ve faced the mighty struggle of resisting websites that may be fun to browse but ultimately steal your time. 


You’ve had to rely on willpower distracted by the thousands of choices out there, wasting your time on addictive websites instead of getting your most important work done.


From Social Media Sites like Facebook and Twitter, to News, Gambling or Porn Sites, these websites have been designed to steal as much of your conscious attention as possible. You are forced to work in an environment that your brain was never designed to work in. Frustrating, we know.


Well now you can say goodbye to the frustration. Never again will you have to rely on your limited willpower alone getting distracted by the ridiculous lure of “just ONE MORE VIDEO”.




FindFocus seamlessly puts your willpower on autopilot with all the essential habit forming tools your brain needs in one super-easy, radically-effective software intentionally designed to skyrocket your productivity for your specific use-case. 

FindFocus Saves You MoneySave Thousands Of Dollars With FINDFOCUS

Let’s Do The Math

First, let’s tally the money you could earn if you used the time browsing Facebook or watching videos on YouTube to make money online.

Even if you just save one hour every day that you are currently wasting online and let’s say you’re only make $10 per hour the amount of money you would make would be jaw dropping.

  • 50 weeks x 5 hours/week at  times x $10:  $2,500

FindFocus just made you $2,500 a year. 

For less than the cost of JUST one coaching hour with a top productivity coach, FindFocus gives you the ability to coach yourself 24/7 on 365 days a year.

What’s more, with FindFocus’ the value of your work will increase dramatically.  

What about all those costly multitasking sessions you encounter?

Multitasking makes you 40% less productive.  While you may feel incredibly productive jumping around putting out a lot of fires, you are actually 40% less productive when multitasking. 

This does not even include the money you spend buying products you don’t need through ads. You’ll save that too.

Add it all up, and you could easily earn back enough time and attention to gain an extra $3,000 a year in productivity.


Your time is priceless. And thanks to FindFocus, just think of all the time you won’t be wasting on:

  • Checking your email every 5 minutes
  • mindlessly browsing the Facebook Newsfeed
  • Clicking on the one sidetracked link to send your hurtling into the depths of the internet while doing research 
  • watching other people argue over on reddit
  • checking status updates and conversing with friends
  • Streaming videos from Netflix or Youtube

The above could literally add up to hundreds of hours a year.


Now, at the hourly rate you think you deserve as someone working online, how much does that add up to in dollars?

Studies show that every time you check email, a social feed, or respond to a notification, your mind requires 23 minutes of re-focus time to get back on task.


What’s more, how might you better spend all that time you just saved to drive up your profits? Such as building a revenue-generating product or crafting your next book?


FindFocus gives you a whole lot more time to do that.

Softpedia guarantees that FindFocus is 100% Clean, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including but not limited to: spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors. This software product was tested thoroughly and was found absolutely clean; therefore, it can be installed with no concern by any computer user.

The Best Time to Get  Things Done is Now!

FindFocus is so effective and flexible, you never have to worry about willpower again. No, seriously! It won’t take long at all for you to see how FindFocus can radically simplify your life and supercharge your productivity.

Block distracting websites and app on Mac and Windowslock

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee – Try It For FREE

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don’t like FindFocus for any reason, just let us know within the first 14 days and we’ll cancel your subscription immediately.

Martin Boeddeker

Frequently Asked Questions

Is FindFocus safe? 

Unlike apps like SelfControl, FindFocus does not make any chances to your operating system and does NOT use host files to block websites. That means you can quit and uninstall FindFocus all the time (expect you are using the Black List or have any profiles running). Even in the unlikely case of any problems your data is secure. 

Am I locked into a contract?

Absolutely not. You may cancel anytime. Just write an email to before you get billed.

After your trial has finished, you will be charged the annually.

You can cancel your free trail within the first 14 day at any time with an email to and you will not be charged .

Afterwards the transactions are non-refundable.

In order to treat everyone equally, no exceptions will be made. 

Please remember the whole concept of FindFocus is build on precommitment.

If you are agree to be billed automatically you much more likely to set up the software for yourself and get the results you want! 

Is FindFocus Mac-friendly?

FindFocus was first developed for Mac. (10.9+) and then for Windows (8+) computers. You’re licence will work on both plattforms. Of course you can continue to use FindFocus, if you get a new computer or switch between Mac & Windows.

What happens to my data?

At FindFocus we leave nothing to chance.


So it was essential to us that Kartra have the most robust security measures available.  And take every precaution to ensure the security of your data. That’s why FindFocus stores all data and all your settings on your local hard drive. We don’t gather any data or sensitive information within the app from you.

We have designed FindFocus to respect your privacy by not collecting or storing personal data.

What are the system requirements?

FindFocus works on Mac OS 10.9+ and on Windows 10 PCs. 

What else is included?

FindFocus not only gives you the best website blocker on the internet. You’ll get additional training within a special members area to boost your productivity. Martin will guide you personally throughout the entire setup of FindFocus. You can choose to copy his approach or modify it to make it fit to your specific needs and situation.  




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