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I started FindFocus as a productivity website to sell the FindFocus distraction blocker back in 2015 but went broke in the process. 

Hitting rock bottom after my father took his own life I convinced 40+ world-class entrepreneurs like John Lee Dumas, Perry Marshall, Mike Filsaime and many more to learn more about running a profitable online business and selling close to 7-figures of various products as an affiliate before teaching others using only Free Traffic Strategies.  

Out of this grew the Releate & Repeat framework that allows everyone to sell high-ticket products with AI & Smart Automation.

Now I’m teaching what I’ve learned live during a 5-Day Live Training event.

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Hi! I’m Martin

My mission is to help you to make better decisions.

All my software reviews, articles and trainings are based on extensive research & real-life experience
(and not from a faceless brand or generic AI)