Review 2024 – Too good to be true?

Ever wondered if is the secret sauce to skyrocketing your online business, or just another overhyped tool on the block?

You’re not alone. In a world crammed with funnel builders like GoHighLevel, Kartra, Clickfunnels, etc. making the right choice feels like finding a needle in a haystack.

Can genuinely boost sales, automate your online empire, and still be user-friendly for a tech newbie?

Or is it just a facade, a well-marketed mirage?

Let’s cut straight to the case. Maybe you’re just sipping your morning coffee, scrolling through countless reviews, and they all seem to sing praises.

But there’s a nagging voice in your head asking, “What’s the catch?”

Why is free?

You’re on the hunt for a no-BS guide that digs deep, beyond the glittering testimonials and ai-generated tutorials.

You crave the raw truth.

Form someone who is actually using the plattfrom to run his whole online business.

That’s exactly what’s on the menu today.

Why should I trust your review?

This review is based on firsthand experience with and me hosting the #1 affiliate product in the Systeme-Affiliate market place, coupled with over a decade of expertise in digital marketing. Unlike reviews that might only scratch the surface, or 3rd party reviews this evaluation delves into the platform’s usability, comparing it with alternatives like Kajabi, Kartra, and ClickFunnels to provide a grounded perspective from somebody actually using it.

Expect an unfiltered deep dive into’s capabilities, from funnel building to affiliate management, and whether it’s the affordable powerhouse for building funnels and selling online courses or just another name in the vast sea of marketing tools.

I’m here to cut through the noise, addressing your skepticism head-on.

So, is the missing piece in your entrepreneurial puzzle?

Let’s unravel the mystery together. Let’s begin.

Systeme Summary is a robust, all-in-one marketing platform designed specifically for entrepreneurs, digital marketers, and online business owners. Renowned for its user-friendly interface and affordable pricing, it presents an accessible solution for those aiming to streamline their online business processes efficiently without facing high costs or complex systems.

An added advantage is the platform’s offer of free migration for your current website, funnels, and membership areas when opting for an annual plan, easing the transition for new users looking to switch to without hassle.

Overall Rating:
5 / 5


  • User-friendly
  • Affordable
  • Free Plan Available
  • All-in-one
  • Fast Support
  • Affiliate system included
  • Free Migration


  • No Pipelines
  • No calendar feature
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Only $49/month

My Experience With Systeme

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What is Systeme? is a robust, all-encompassing marketing platform designed to build sales funnels.

Central to is its powerful landing page builder, which eases the creation of high-converting sales funnels including up- and downsells, a crucial element in guiding potential customers towards making a purchase.

The platform provides email marketing automation tools, allowing for easy design, dispatch, and analysis of email autoresponder campaigns.

Content creators and educators benefit significantly from through the ability to create membership sites and online courses, offering a streamlined method to monetize expertise and cultivate a committed community all in one plattform.

The build-in affiliate management system further amplifies growth potential, enabling users to widen their reach without the need for paid ads.

On top of that has an impressive blogging functionality, facilitating content publication to drive traffic and enhance SEO efforts, which is a major strategy the founder Aurelian Aumacker used at the beginning to sell the tool in the Frensh speaking market. This addition underscores the platform’s versatility in content management and marketing strategies. has recently expanded its capabilities with new integrations with Zapier,, and the launch of its own API, significantly enhancing its flexibility and the ability to work seamlessly with a plethora of other tools. This development addresses previous limitations regarding integration options, marking a significant improvement in its offering.

Who Created

At the helm of’s creation stands Aurélien Amacker, a figure who carved his path from being a digital nomad blogger to an acclaimed entrepreneur. Imagine starting your entrepreneurial journey with the humble beginnings of blogging about your travels and experiences, only to stumble upon the immense potential of digital marketing.

That’s the story of Aurélien and how I got to know him years ago.

His venture into the online world wasn’t just a stroke of luck. Frustrated with the complexities and high costs of existing marketing tools like Kartra and Clickfunnels, Aurélien saw a gap in the market for an all-in-one solution in the Frensh market that could democratize online business for everyone, not just the tech-savvy or the well-funded.

Starting out as a replacement for Clickfunnels Systeme became the market leader in France with a software platform that would empower entrepreneurs across the globe to bring their ideas to life without the technical overwhelm or prohibitive costs. It’s this vision that birthed

Now, you might be wondering, “Why should I trust a tool created by someone who started as a blogger?”

Here’s the kicker: Aurélien’s journey from a personal blogger to a software entrepreneur embodies the very essence of understanding user needs from the ground up. He’s been in the trenches, experienced the frustrations, and celebrated the triumphs of growing an online business. This deep, firsthand insight and ongoing commitment you can experience in the official Systeme Facebook community is what makes stand out.

It’s designed not just as a tool but as a solution by someone who’s navigated the same journey you’re embarking on.

What’s counterintuitive here is the leap from individual content creator to tech entrepreneur. Yet, it’s precisely this background that injects with its unique DNA – simplicity, effectiveness, and accessibility. Aurélien didn’t set out to create just another funnel builder; he aimed to revolutionize the online business landscape by making sophisticated marketing accessible to all with it’s super competitive pricing making not just a tool, but a partner in your online business journey especially when you’re taking advantage of their free migigration service that comes with every annual plan.

Who is for?

Ever felt like the digital world’s promises are just smoke and mirrors? Whether you’re in the early stages of dreaming up a business or you’ve been in the game for years like me who switched to Systeme from Kartra & Groovefunnels while giving tools like GoHighLevel and Clickfunnels a pass, swoops in as the Swiss Army knife for not just starting entrepreneurs but bloggers, course creators, and digital marketers too. It’s like having your own digital toolbox, all in one place but at a fraction of the cost.

Let’s dive into who stands to gain the most from wielding this powerful tool.

1. Entrepreneurs & Solopreneurs: Picture yourself launching a startup from your kitchen table. is your silent partner, handling everything from sales funnels to email campaigns, so you can focus on what you do best—innovation.

2. Digital Marketers: If you live and breathe A/B testing, conversion rates, and lead generation, here’s your new best friend. With its integrated marketing tools, turns complex strategies into a walk in the park.

3. Bloggers & Content Creators: Content is king, but distribution is queen. helps you wear both crowns with grace, offering blogging tools and strategies to amplify your voice.

4. Course Creators & Educators: Imagine reaching eager minds across the globe with your knowledge. This platform simplifies course creation and sales, making education accessible to all.

5. Online Coaches & Consultants: Your wisdom can change lives, but only if it reaches the right people. Use to market your services and manage client relationships seamlessly.

6. E-commerce Entrepreneurs: Selling products online? Streamline your sales process, from landing pages to checkout, ensuring your customers enjoy a smooth shopping experience.

7. Affiliate Marketers: Grow your network and earnings with an affiliate management system designed to track and boost your campaigns with precision.

8. Membership Site Owners: Build a thriving community around your content. Offer exclusive access and manage memberships effortlessly, all in one place. Tutorial & Walkthrough (coming soon)

What benefits does provide?

I’ll admit, I was on the fence. After using Kartra and Groove, while also being a reseller for GoHighLevel diving into yet another “all-in-one” platform felt like setting myself up for disappointment.

But here’s the twist – wasn’t just another drop in the digital ocean. It turned out to be the life raft I didn’t know I needed because of it’s simpliciy I was not drowing in features anymore.

And if you’re anything like me, skeptical but hopeful, you’re in for a surprise. breaks through the noise with features that genuinely cater to the needs of entrepreneurs and marketers alike but with the steep learning curve of a tool like GoHighLevel or limiations of Skool, which is only build for membership sites.

Let’s unpack how this platform transforms skepticism into success.

  • Simplify Your Tech Stack: With its all-in-one platform, consolidates your tools, reducing complexity and saving you from the tech headache. 🚀 Experience seamless integration that empowers you to focus more on growth and less on troubleshooting.
  • Boost Your Sales Funnel Efficiency: High-converting sales funnels are at your fingertips, making it easier to turn leads into customers. 🌟 Witness an increase in conversion rates, leading to higher revenue and a growing customer base.
  • Automate Your Email Campaigns: Leverage powerful email automation to stay in touch with your audience without spending hours behind the screen. 💌 Enjoy engaging with your audience on autopilot, building stronger relationships and trust.
  • Create and Sell Online Courses: Tap into the booming e-learning market by easily creating and selling online courses. 📚 Unlock a new revenue stream and share your expertise with the world, all while establishing yourself as an authority in your niche.
  • Manage Affiliates with Ease: Grow your business through word-of-mouth with an intuitive affiliate management system. 👥 Expand your reach without increasing your advertising budget, leveraging the power of referrals.
  • Engage Through Webinars: Connect with your audience in real-time by hosting webinars right from the platform. 🎥 Enhance customer engagement and trust, leading to more loyal followers and increased sales opportunities.
  • Design Beautiful Landing Pages: Craft landing pages that capture attention and convert visitors into leads. 🎨 Make a lasting first impression, ensuring your brand stands out in a crowded online space.
  • Integrate Seamlessly: With new integrations like Zapier and, plus its own API, connects with your favorite tools effortlessly. 🔗 Enjoy flexibility in your workflows, tailoring the platform to your unique business needs.
  • Get Insightful Analytics: Understand your audience and campaigns better with comprehensive analytics. 📊 Make data-driven decisions that refine your strategies and amplify your success.
  • Offer Exclusive Membership Sites: Build a community around your brand by offering exclusive content through membership sites. 🏰 Cultivate a loyal audience that’s willing to pay for premium content, enhancing your brand’s value.
  • Maximize Email Deliverability: Ensure your messages reach your audience’s inbox, not their spam folder, with optimized email deliverability. ✉️ Increase your open and click-through rates, amplifying your marketing efforts.
  • Streamline Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Keep track of customer interactions in one place, making personalized communication a breeze. 💬 Build stronger relationships with your customers, leading to repeat business and referrals.
  • Optimize for SEO: With built-in blogging functionality, improve your site’s SEO and attract organic traffic. 🌱 Gain visibility in search engine results, driving more visitors to your site without the need for paid advertising.
  • Free Migration Service: Transition to smoothly with free migration of your current website, funnels, and membership areas when you choose an annual plan. 🔄 Start on the right foot, without losing time or data.
  • Scale With Confidence: As your business grows, scales with you, offering the tools and support you need to expand. 📈 Embrace growth without the fear of outgrowing your platform, knowing has got your back. Pricing – How Much Does it Cost?

Whether you’re just dipping your toes into the digital waters with the Free plan at $0/month, ready to kick things off with the Startup plan at $27/month, looking to engage more deeply using webinars with the Webinar plan at $47/month, or you’re all in for scaling your business with the Unlimited plan at $97/month, has you covered. For those committed to long-term growth, annual billing offers substantial savings, turning the Startup plan to $228/year, the Webinar plan to $396/year, and the Unlimited plan to an attractive $828/year. Each step up offers more features, more capacity, and more ways to connect with your audience, ensuring that as your business grows, your platform grows with you.

Does Offer a Free Trial? goes one step further than a traditional free trial; it offers a Free plan. This plan is perfect for those just starting or wanting to test the waters without financial commitment. It’s not just a trial; it’s an ongoing free service.

Is There a Discount Available?

While direct discounts on monthly plans are not explicitly mentioned, the annual billing options inherently provide a discount by offering a lower overall price compared to month-by-month payment. This can be seen as a built-in discount for committing to a year.

Does Have a Lifetime Deal?

As of the latest information, does not offer a lifetime deal. Their pricing is structured around monthly or annual payments, providing flexibility and scalability for businesses at various stages of growth.

What About Subscriptions? offers subscriptions on a monthly or annual basis, allowing users to choose the frequency that best suits their needs and budget. From the Free to the Unlimited plan, each subscription level is designed to accommodate the evolving requirements of online businesses.

Are There Any Coupon Codes?

Currently, does not regularly offer coupon codes, as their pricing is already structured to be affordable and competitive. However, opting for an annual subscription provides a significant saving, acting as an automatic “discount” without the need for a coupon. User Reviews

Diving into the ocean of user feedback on, it’s like finding a treasure chest brimming with gems of appreciation and nods of approval. Entrepreneurs, bloggers, course creators, and digital marketers have all left their marks of satisfaction across various review platforms. Let’s peel back the layers of this feedback and uncover what makes stand out in the crowded digital marketplace.

Users rave about the all-in-one functionality of, highlighting how it effortlessly combines email marketing, funnel building, and course creation into one seamless interface. Imagine juggling fewer tools yet achieving more – that’s the magic potion has concocted for its users.

The ease of use also frequently pops up in reviews. People who once felt lost in the technical mazes of digital marketing tools found solace in’s intuitive design. It’s like having a digital marketing guide by your side, leading you through each step with clarity and simplicity.

Another highlight from the user feedback is the value for money. Whether you’re bootstrapping a startup or scaling a seasoned business,’s pricing plans receive unanimous applause for delivering high-quality features without the premium price tag. It’s the digital equivalent of finding a high-end product at a fraction of the cost.

The customer support provided by garners special mention too. Users feel supported and valued, with responsive and helpful support teams ready to assist. It’s like having a safety net underneath you, ensuring that any hiccups on your digital journey are swiftly addressed.

The community around is another aspect that users love. Engaging with fellow entrepreneurs, sharing insights, and growing together make the journey less lonely and more fruitful. It’s akin to being part of a tribe that’s all rooting for your success.

In summary, diving into the sea of reviews reveals a product that’s not only loved for its comprehensive features but also for the ease, value, and support it offers its users. It’s a beacon for those navigating the digital marketing world, promising not just a tool, but a partner in their online business journey. Alternatives – Comparing Funnel Builders

Navigating the landscape of online business tools can feel like trekking through a dense jungle. Each path promises a different adventure, but how do you choose the right one? has emerged as a popular guide through this wilderness, yet it’s essential to see how it stacks up against other seasoned explorers. Let’s embark on a comparative journey to understand the nuances that set these tools apart. vs. Clickfunnels

ClickFunnels is often praised for its advanced funnel-building capabilities and a wide array of integrations. It’s like the Swiss Army knife for funnel architects seeking depth and complexity in their designs. However, positions itself as the more accessible, all-in-one alternative, offering a broader range of tools such as email marketing, course creation, and affiliate management under one roof. While ClickFunnels excels in funnel creation, is your go-to for a comprehensive digital marketing suite at a more affordable price point. vs. Kartra

Kartra is another heavyweight in the online marketing arena, known for its robust automation and comprehensive features. It’s like having a digital marketing agency at your fingertips, offering everything from hosting to email campaigns., on the other hand, shines with its simplicity and ease of use, making it more approachable for beginners or those who prefer a less complex setup. While Kartra offers more detailed analytics and customization, wins hearts with its user-friendly interface and affordability. vs. claims its spot in the digital toolshed by offering a wide array of services for free, including website building, sales funnels, and email marketing. It’s the generous friend who’s always there to help. However, its freemium model can sometimes mean compromising on quality and experiencing a steeper learning curve. maintains a balance between offering a comprehensive toolset at an affordable price, ensuring reliability and a smoother user experience. vs. GoHighLevel

GoHighLevel is a powerhouse for agencies, providing a suite of tools designed to manage client work efficiently, from CRM capabilities to automated campaigns. It’s like a command center for those managing multiple clients’ digital strategies. While GoHighLevel caters to agencies with its specialized features, appeals to a broader audience, including solo entrepreneurs and content creators, with its versatile and straightforward platform. vs. WordPress

WordPress stands out as the titan of content management, offering unparalleled customization and control over your website’s design and functionality. It’s the canvas for creators who want to paint every detail themselves. However, this freedom comes with the complexity of plugins and ongoing maintenance. simplifies this process by providing integrated tools for marketing and sales, appealing to those looking for an all-in-one solution without the hassle of managing multiple plugins. vs. a combination of tools like Convertri, Active Campaign, ThriveCart, and Skool

Crafting your digital toolbox with specialized tools like Convertri (for landing pages), Active Campaign (for email marketing), ThriveCart (for checkouts), and Skool (for community building) can offer tailored solutions that fit specific needs perfectly. It’s like custom-building your race car for the digital grand prix. However, the challenge lies in managing these tools seamlessly. offers a cohesive alternative, providing a well-rounded set of features in a single dashboard, eliminating the need to juggle multiple subscriptions and interfaces.

In the quest for the perfect online business tool, each path offers unique adventures and challenges. Whether you’re drawn to the detailed craftsmanship of specialized tools or the broad horizons of all-in-one platforms like, the key is finding the companion that aligns with your journey’s nature. Affiliate Program’s affiliate program is designed to be straightforward and rewarding, offering a significant opportunity for individuals interested in affiliate marketing. With over $5,000,000 already paid out in commissions, the program’s effectiveness and potential for income are clear. Here are the essential facts and steps for those considering joining the program:

  • 60% Lifetime Commissions: Affiliates earn a 60% commission on every purchase made through their referral link, including both subscriptions and course sales. This commission is for the lifetime of the customer, ensuring ongoing income from successful referrals.
  • Open to Everyone: There’s no requirement to be a current user of to join the affiliate program. It’s open to anyone looking to earn through referrals, broadening its appeal.
  • Strong Tracking Mechanism: The program uses robust tracking to ensure affiliates are credited for their referrals. This tracking extends to every email sends to referred customers, linking back to the affiliate.

For those ready to start, lays out a straightforward path to success:

  1. Learn About A guide is provided to help affiliates fully understand the platform and its offerings.
  2. Get to Know the Affiliate Program: Detailed information about how the affiliate program operates is available, ensuring clarity on earnings and processes.
  3. Access to Branding Assets: Affiliates are given access to branding materials, helping them create content that resonates and converts.
  4. Use Promotional Resources: A folder full of promotional materials is available, making it easier for affiliates to attract and refer potential customers.

The affiliate program offers a range of products to promote, from the free plan to various courses, providing multiple avenues for earning. The 60% lifetime commission structure is designed to reward affiliates for the long term, making it an attractive option for those looking to generate sustainable affiliate income.’s affiliate program stands out for its generous commission structure, ease of entry, and comprehensive support for affiliates, making it a compelling option for anyone interested in affiliate marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions About

Yes, offers a genuinely free plan. This plan is comprehensive enough for you to run an online business, including a range of features such as a funnel builder, email marketing tools, and the ability to create membership sites and online courses. This free plan supports up to 2,000 contacts before requiring an upgrade.

Yes, allows you to create small, simple one page websites, complex marketing funnels and even host extensives blogs with many posts. While it’s particularly effective for building landing pages and online course platforms, is ideal for businesses that do not require complex automations. Its user-friendly page builder supports the creation of effective online presences without the need for extensive CSS or HTML skills.

No, subscribing to the free plan does not require a credit card. Access is granted by simply entering your email address. is an excellent platform for blogging, offering a simple way to create and manage a blog without needing coding skills. It provides a range of templates and an easy-to-use editor, making it possible to start a blog in minutes.

Conclusion – Is Worth It?

Maybe you’ve been on the fence, weighing options, scrolling through endless reviews, and wondering, “Is this the right fit for me?” We’ve all been there, standing at the crossroads of decision and doubt, our dreams in one hand and our fears in the other. It’s okay to be cautious; it’s a sign you care deeply about your venture and its future.

But here’s the thing: at some point, we’ve got to leap.

This isn’t just about making a purchase.

Systeme is free and you can try everything but what it’s really about is taking that step towards the business you’ve always envisioned but weren’t quite sure how to achieve.

As the #1 product vendor in the affiliate marketing I can tell you that this vision is not only achievable; it’s within reach.

So, let’s dust off those dreams and give them the wings they deserve.

Embrace the support, the simplicity, and the scalability that offers.

Remember, every successful journey begins with a single step, and this could be yours.

As you stand at the brink of this decision, poised to leap, know this: you’re not just choosing a platform.

You’re choosing a future where your business thrives, where your dreams materialize, and where your success story begins.

With, you’re set not just to sail but to soar. Let’s make those dreams a reality, together.

Take that leap, and let’s soar to new heights.

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