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Kartra Discount and Bonus Offer

Congratulations on finding this Kartra Bonus page!

I’m publishing this post on my birthday and that’s why you offering you the best possible bonus signing up for Kartra and you’ll learn how to secure a 50% discount (Only available for new Kartra Users.) 

Read on and check if it’s still available and learn how to unlock your online marketing treasure chest so you can start and grow your online business with Kartra (which means you can say goodbye overwhelm and shiny object syndrome forever).

Kartra is an all-in-one marketing suite solution to build your business online, sell & promote your products with automated emails with a technology you can handle yourself. (No need for web designers, copywriters, and programmers and expensive tools that don’t talk to each other) 

But the amazingly easy to handle technology itself isn’t enough.

You also need to build your business on a solid foundation. I’m going to give you this foundation right now, starting with the absolute best Kartra Bonus you will find online

But don’t take my word for it, I did the research for you

Best Kartra Bonus: How To Secure Your 50 % Kartra Discount

Martin’s Kartra Bonus Stack

I can’t believe I’m doing this, but I’m going to give you access to all the recording of the Pareto Summit where I interviewed the some of the most successful online marketers online, like AJ Roberts (the Kartra’s Chief Revenue Officer), Mike Filsaime (the original Co-Founder of Kartra), Perry Marshall, John Lee Dumas, along with more than 40 Experts (most of them use Kartra as well). 

If you sign up for Kartra with my affiliate link you’ll get access to all recordings from the Pareto Summit as long as you stick with Kartra.

Kartra Bonus: VIP ALL Access Pass for the Pareto Summit
Kartra Bonus: VIP ALL Access Pass for the Pareto Summit

I Walk My Talk: The Pareto Summit Was Build 100% Using Kartra

The Pareto Summit was total game-changer and I am sure it can do wonders in your business as well. 

If you are familiar with online Marketing or still wondering about the advantages of Kartra vs. Clickfunnels just have a look at some of the people I’ve worked with and interviewed.

All of their knowledge can be yours today as a bonus if you use my affiliate link to sign up for Kartra.

Pareto Summit Promotion Video
You don't want to miss what these people said about the Pareto Summit
Simon Lovell, Mark Firth and Stephen Hilgart: Why you must attend the Pareto Summit
Navid Moazzez and Zeky Ahmed: Why you must attend the Pareto Summit

This treasure chest of interviews and things these experts typically only share in their highest-paid mastermind groups.

Kartra Bonus #1:
VIP All-Access Pass from the Parto Summit

I know you have probably already made the decision but I’m going to make it a no-brainer to get started today. Speed of implementation is everything. Have a look at what’s included with the VIP Pass.

Kartra Bonus Unlimited Access To All Interviews
VIP All-Access Pass Bonus #1 Unlimited Access To All Interviews
Kartra Bonus #2 Unlimited Access To All Interviews as MP3s
VIP All-Access Pass Bonus #2 Unlimited Access To All Interviews as MP3s
Kartra Bonus #3 Unlimited Access To All Interviews Transcripts
VIP All-Access Pass Bonus Unlimited Access To All Interviews Transcripts
Kartra Bonus #4: Step by Step Action Plans
VIP All-Access Pass Bonus: Step by Step Action Plans

Here is what other people said about this event and the VIP all access Pass.

Do you want to become a Kartra Affiliate Marketer?

Kartra Bonus #2:
Get Early Access to this guide I created with Jennifer Daniel – Kartra’s Main Affiliate Manager

During the summit, I build great connections with some people from their team.

About 10% of all Kartra affiliates make a full-time income from Kartra alone!

This Insider Guide Will Teach You How To Do It YOURSELF!

Kartra Bonus #3:
You’ll get access to my Exclusive Summary Of All the Resources From the Pareto Summit

After the Summit I compiled a guide that includes all the resources, the best books, software tools, and technical equipment that all the speakers recommended plus an exclusive summary of each interview.

Kartra Bonus #4:
You’ll get access to my Exclusive Online Community

If you sign up today, you’ll get access to my exclusive online marketing mastermind community that was reserved only for people who bought the VIP All Access Pass.

Kartra Bonus #5
Martin’s I’ll help You Succeed No Matter What Strategy Call

After the Pareto Summit, I decided to become the #1 affiliate for Kartra. To achive that goal I need you to be successful because the more successful you become, the longer you will stay with Kartra and the more recurring commission I make. (especially if your business takes off and you get more leads that buy from you automatically) 

Limited Time Only

Value Priceless

That means I willing to invest my most treasured resource. My time & attention. I don’t know how long I can offer this but until I have a least 100 people taking advantage of this offer I love to help you personally.

Even though you’ll learn everything you possibly need to build websites and funnels that other people easily charge $10,000 and more yourself (or build your clients for), I want to give you everything you need to succeed.

In our coaching session or via the community you’ll get unlimted access to my indepth knowledge of online marketing.

  • Ask me any Kartra related question and get a detailed, thorough and helpful response back
  • Not sure if you have your business idea is guaranteed to succeed? I can help you out!
  • Talk strategy with me about your business and the marketing funnel you want to build and get my “I’ll tell you the truth even if you don’t like it” feedback (who else is gonna tell you your business idea sucks even if it’s true
  • Or if you just want to chat about the latest marketing scams that don’t work?… that’s cool too

I love consulting with other entrepreneurs and genuinely help them to succeed so doing this type of thing is genuinely fun for me!

All the Bonuses You’re Getting With Your $1 Kartra Trial

Read this far and you are still on the fence? 

So let’s recap one last time. When you sign up for Kartra today for only $1, you’ll get:

  • Pareto Summit All-Access-Pass (Value $1.888)
  • Insider Affiliate Marketing Secrets with Kartra JV and Affiliate Manager Jennifer Daniel (Value $197)
  • Pareto Summit Resources Guide ($197) 
  • Unlimited Access to my Secret GET-IT-DONE Mastermind Group ($297)
  • My 45min “I’ll tell you the truth even if you don’t like it” Online Business Success Consultation with me (Priceless) 

You’ll get all these priceless bonuses when you become a Kartra user.

Simply click the pretty button below and get started today!

Simply Follow These Steps To Claim Your Bonus & 50 % Discount

In the beginning of this article, I told you about the 50% discount. Kartra does not offer any discounts on your personal account but if you follow these instructions you can save 50% in your first month with Kartra by using the secret trial extension hack.

Here is how it works

Kartra 30 Day Trail - 50% Kartra Discount Hack & Mega Bonus

1. Click My Affiliate Link

Just click the orange button to head over to Kartra to create your account (

Important: Use this button to get all my Kartra Bonuses!

2. Start Your “Start Trial”

If you want to take advantage of this Kartra discount you need to use my affiliate link because this offer is not available on the Kartra Homepage.

3. Save 50% By Extending Your Trail to 30 Days

If you want to take advantage of this offer which equals a 50% discount in your first month you need to select this option. Otherwise, you can choose one of the different Kartra Pricing options.

You can save up to 25% by selecting the annual plan option from within your Kartra Account.

If you are serious about starting a business and becoming an entrepreneur, I highly recommend selecting the annual plan and focus on speed of implementation.

4. Claim Your Bonuses

Simply forward the email receipt you got from Kartra to my business email:

martin (at)

I’ll verify the sign-up in my affiliate dashboard and grant you access to all my Kartra bonuses!

And That’s All It Takes!

I really look forward to seeing your business take off with Kartra and look forward to our coaching call.

Thanks so much for reading this far.

You got this!

I’ll talk to you soon!

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