Kartra Pricing – Hidden Costs Added in 2020

Upon realizing you need a website, email marketing, and a shopping cart to sell things online, most business owners run out and start comparing the Kartra pricing vs Clickfunnels and other online marketing solutions because they think that’s how you get the best deal or discount on Kartra.

Because Kartra requires you to sign up and leave your email address before you see their pricing plans many people want to know how much Kartra costs.

Unless you read the critical information presented in this review you might be missing critical hidden costs and waste a lot of time and money in reading various Kartra pricing comparisons. 

There’s no doubt that you landed on this page because you have a whole lot of questions about Kartra’s pricing packages. 

Maybe you even typed something into Google like “How much is Kartra?” or more specifically “How much does Kartra cost?

What Is Kartra? 

First of all, Kartra is the first true all-in-one eCommerce and marketing platform founded in 2018 by Genesis Digital (the same team behind WebinarJam) that gives you everything you need to launch and run your business — at a price that is less than you pay for most Kartra alternatives.

It includes everything from hosting, email marketing, video, webinars, split-testing, cart checkouts and a slew of other critical tools — each designed to integrate seamlessly with the last. For an in-depth review of all 11 software that are included in Kartra check out my Kartra Review or compare it with GrooveFunnels, the new software from Mike Filsaime.

Taking the headache out of tech setup is one thing, but having pre-made, battle-tested funnels at your fingertips is a whole another benefit to get excited about.

Instead of integrating multiple online software solutions for every task you need to get done, you can use Kartra to monitor everything ranging from list building and automation, to web-design, affiliate management and even your helpdesk.

Before we cover the actual pricing, this is what you will be able to do with Kartra. 

  • Sell Coaching / Consulting / Services online
  • Sell Online Course, E-books, membership, or group coaching
  • Implement advanced sales funnels with upsells, downsells, and bump offers
  • Support your students with a powerful helpdesk platform
  • Use advanced video marketing and understand exactly how effective it is
  • Drive traffic from social media, paid ads, and other referral sources, and optimize its conversions

How Much Does Kartra Cost? Kartra Pricing 2020


  • 99 USD/mo 
  • 79 USD/mo (928 USD billed yearly – 20% off)


  • 199 USD/mo 
  • 149 USD/mo (1788 USD billed yearly – 25% off)


  • 299 USD/mo 
  • 229 USD/mo (2748 USD billed yearly – 23% off)


  • 499 USD/mo 
  • 379 USD/mo (4548 USD billed yearly – 24% off)

Key Features In Every Pricing Package 

The main benefit of Kartra is that you can get rid of separate systems and use only one tool.

All pricing plans come with a low monthly fee for considering what is included in all plans: 

  • Complete online business management in one place
  • Done-For-You Campaigns designed by the online marketing legend Frank Kern himself
  • Up-sells, down-sells, cross-sells and post-sale offers
  • Secure membership and payment portals
  • Best in class email marketing (limitations apply, see below)
  • Full Marketing Automation
  • Lead Scoring
  • Video hosting (limitations apply, see below)
Kartra Features

The Best Pricing Option For You: Monthly Plans Or Annual Plans?

If you are building your business from scratch, the monthly starter plan has everything you need to start and grow your list and online business. 

If you keep your list clean, it will take a while until you have a list with more than 2,500 emails and you might be throwing money away.

There is only one exception:

If you want to start an agency, take on clients and build marketing funnels for them, you’re going to want the Silver Plan to unlock the agency feature (which used to cost an extra $100 dollor per month).

If you can afford it, I would recommend going with annual plans because you can commit your energy to one tool and master it. 

Kartra Monthly Pricing Overview

Kartra Monthly Pricing

Save 25% On All Kartra Pricing Packages With Annual Billing 

Kartra Annual Pricing Packages

Kartra Cost – The Starter Plan Details

The Starter plan costs $99/month or $79/month paid annually. Annual billing costs $928 and saves you $240. 

Features of the Kartra Starter plan

  • Up to 2,500 Leads
  • 1 custom domain
  • 15,000 emails /mo
  • 50 GB bandwidth
  • Host 100 pages
  • Sell 20 products
  • Build 2 membership sites
  • Add 1 additional team member
  • Connect 1 helpdesk
  • Agency not included

Kartra Cost – The Silver Pricing Package

Features of the Kartra Silver plan

Below are all the number of pages, sites, contacts, emails, and etc. you get while on this option.

  • Up to 12,500 Leads
  • 3 custom domains
  • 125,000 emails /mo
  • 125 GB bandwidth
  • Unlimited pages
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited membership sites
  • Unlimited team members
  • Unlimited helpdesks
  • Kartra Agency included

What does the Kartra Silver Plan cost?

The Starter plan costs $199/month or $149/month paid annually. Annual billing costs $1788 and saves you $600.  

Kartra Cost – The Gold Pricing Package

Features of the Kartra Gold Plan

Below are all the number of pages, sites, contacts, emails, and etc. you get while on this option.

  • Up to 25,000 Leads
  • 5 custom domains
  • 250,000 emails /mo
  • 250 GB bandwidth
  • Unlimited pages
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited membership sites
  • Unlimited team members
  • Unlimited helpdesks
  • Kartra Agency included

What does the Kartra Gold Plan cost?

The Starter plan costs $299/month or $229/month paid annually. Annual billing costs $2748 and saves you $840. 

Kartra Cost – The Platinitum Pricing Package

Features of the Kartra Gold Plan

Below are all the number of pages, sites, contacts, emails, and etc. you get while on this option.

  • Up to 50,000 Leads
  • 10 custom domains
  • 500,000 emails /mo
  • 400 GB bandwidth
  • Unlimited pages
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited membership sites
  • Unlimited team members
  • Unlimited helpdesks
  • Kartra Agency included

What does the Kartra Gold Platinium Package cost?

The Kartra Platinium Package costs $499/month or $379/month paid annually. Annual billing costs $4548 and saves you $1440. 

Kartra Enterprise Plan 

Of course Kartra offers enterprise pricing as well. If you require this please reach out to me because I can point you to the best person to connect with you. (Or you can contact their support). 

Kartra Pricing FAQ

Kartra Free Trial 

In the past Kartra used to offer a free trial. Because the people behind Genesis Digital are experts in online marketing they tested their conversions with free and paid trails. Unfortunately for us, they discovered that people stick longer when they offer a paid trial. 

Kartra Free Trail Costs One Dollar Now

Kartra Discount

As an agency owner, you can purchase Kartra accounts in bulk at a 40% discount. Many people who look for price comparisons are looking for discounts but Kartra does not offer any discounts on your first account but you can grab amazing bonuses if you sign up for Kartra using my affiliate link.  

Want to use Kartra in your business?
Click on the image and learn everything about Martin’s special bonus.

Kartra Lifetime Deal (Kartra LTD)

Once you realize that Kartra does not offer discounts the next question that many savy marketers ask if Kartra offers a lifetime deal. Because this marketing platform is already an established solution and quickly closing the gap towards more expensive but better-known competitors (which fewer features) like Clickfunnels they do not offer a life-time deal. 

The only exception is GrooveFunnels which is a brand new Kartra Alternative from the former Co-Founder of Kartra Mike Filsaime. Currently, you can even get his shopping cart software GrooveSell for free.

Kartra Pricing Hack – The Secret 30-Day Kartra Trial

The next best thing to get a discount on Kartra is to extend the $1 trial. 

Kartra Agency Pricing

The Kartra agency plan allows you to run and manage client accounts from a centralized master console in one centralized view because if you manage multiple client accounts, you definitely want an “at a glance” view from where to manage, track and log-in to each of your clients.

When you use Kartra for client accounts under your Agency portfolio, you have two pricing options at your disposal:

The Owner Model

You buy new accounts on your clients’ behalf and mark them up! In this case, you can purchase Kartra accounts in bulk at a 40% discount and charge your customers a monthly retainer fee for your agency services and secure a recurring income!

That means you won’t need a separate billing profile for each account. Instead, everything will be governed by one unified billing profile. As a result, you will be able to buy Kartra accounts in bulk with one credit card and you will be able to download all invoices from one centralized dashboard.

The Contractor Model

You can link existing accounts and manage them as a contractor. If your clients already have a Kartra account, or you prefer to generate affiliate commissions, your best option is to establish a connection between their account and yours.That means you will be operating their account as a contractor on a project-by-project basis, and the contract can be terminated at the completion of the project.

Kartra Pricing Hidden Costs – What is NOT included in the Kartra’ Pricing Packages? 

This question is critical to your success because some people ask questions like “Does kartra count the same email address as more than one?” like other email marketing solutions.

This means many low-cost software solutions like Kartra charge extra fees for some services. 

Kartra is pretty open about these extra costs. 

Kartra Pricing – The Fine Print

Hidden Costs to estimate what you need to pay for Kartra
  • If you exceed your monthly email limit Kartra charges apply at USD 0.99 per extra 1,000 emails sent. 
  • If you use Kartra to host your files and videos you will pay USD 0.19 per extra GB of bandwidth, which can greatly increase your bill. 
  • If you want to use multiple domains below on one Kartra account you have to pay $10.00 per extra custom domain.

While you will probably aware of the amount of domain you use and how many emails you send it’s critical to remember the bandwidth limitation when you host your videos in Karta. 

Kartra Costs for additional domains, emails and bandwidth

Most Kartra experts recommend hosting your videos on external solutions Youtube or Wistia and use Kartra’s video hosting only for sales videos to take advantage of marketing automation (e.g. to trigger different emails when a lead has seen the offer and did not a video until the end). 

Don’t neglect this last hidden because even if you optimize your videos this cost can add up quickly is not in your control.  

Pay particular attention to this when think about hosting your course in Kartra’s membership area. 

Why Is Kartra’s Pricing so Good?  

That’s the million-dollar question, isn’t it? Despite the few hidden costs, Kartra is an amazing low-cost platform. If you ask yourself what software solutions and services does Kartra replace? 

Here’s the entire list:

Are you ready?

  • Email marketing campaign platform
  • Marketing automation platform (letting you build and automate your sales funnels)
  • Marketing page builders (landing pages, squeeze pages, sales pages, thank you pages, product launch pages, checkout pages, video sales letter pages, and more)
  • Membership portal builders
  • Shopping carts
  • Online form builders
  • Split testing and link tracking software
  • Calendar and appointment scheduling software
  • Helpdesk ticketing systems, including live chat
  • Video hosting (with advanced marketing features)
  • Affiliate management system
  • Campaign analytics platform
  • Zapier Connection to integrate your various marketing software platforms — Kartra seamlessly integrates all of the above already
  • Professional templates & Done For You Campaigns for pages, emails, forms, and complete marketing campaigns. 

Best of all, Kartra’s tools are not merely basic versions. Each Kartra tool gives you 95% of the functionality of the leading platforms like Active Campaign in each individual category and what’s more important:

Effortless integration with all of Kartra’s other full-featured tools.

Kartra is the most complete yet easy-to-use & affordable online business software you’ll find online.

How Much Can You Save By Switching To Kartra?

Kartra not only gives you a complete suite of integrated sales and marketing tools that make it easy to build your emails, pages, opt-in forms, checkouts, and sales funnels. Kartra comes with complete sales funnels. 

That means you get pre-built, beautifully designed and professionally copywritten by renowned internet marketing experts like Frank Kern ready for you to tweak and adjust with a few clicks.  

Between Kartra’s ease of use and all that is included, you can literally run your entire online business with Kartra.

Now let’s do some quick math and let’s see how much you can save by using Kartra.

Below you the software that you need to sell things online which some pricing estimations:  

  • Landing Page Software: $97 per month
  • Email Automation (depending on list size)   $29 per month
  • Course Hosting – $39 per month
  • Shopping Cart: $99 per month
  • Affiliate Management: $39 per month

Of course, you can patch together low-cost tools to get the job done. 

The main cost you will face is to figure out how to use these tools and integrate them. If you are a solopreneur or running a small business you cannot afford to hire expensive marketing consultants. 

When it comes to choosing the right technology plattform there are three different routes you can take. 

  1. Build everything on WordPress with free or low-cost tools.
  2. Use the best in class software for multi-million dollar marketing funnels
  3. Use the 80/20 rule and focus on your core business

The first option does work. But it will take you months to figure everything out and get it to work. 

This is a great option if you really cannot afford to pay $99/month. 

However, in this case, you have a serious flaw in your online business model and I would recommend to go through the interviews of the Pareto Summit and watch my videos on Youtube. 

The real money saver with Kartra is the fact that you won’t need to pay an army of coders to integrate all those individual solutions. 

Unlike other “All-In-One” Solutions and Funnelbuilding software Kartra’s programmers have done all the work for you, so everything is already integrated for you straight out of the box (without bugs!!!)

I have used Kartra to generate more than 5 figures online. 

Martin Boeddeker

You know what they say: time is money, and Kartra saves you a lot of both!

If you use best in class software this can easily cost over $100 a month per software. 

Let’s say you’re able to get by with just 6 different platforms for your emailing, landing pages, shopping carts, funnel building, helpdesk ticket system, and membership site hosting.

Is Kartra Worth The Price?

If Kartra is worth it or not depends on what you want to optimize for in your business. Kartra is the all-in-one business platform many marketeres have always wished for. 

It includes a page builder, list builder, email marketing app, sales funnel creator, video hosting, help desk, membership portals, analytics, affiliate management and E-commerce all powered and updated by the cloud.

Honestly, nothing compares to Kartra at this price point.

If you want to start and grow your online business with a limited budget Kartra is 100% worth it because you don’t need to spend months and years to learn the technology or hire expensive marketing consultants. 

If you’re a business owner wanting to utilize the power of an all-in-one solution to build online marketing funnels go for it! Kartra will offer you 95% of what you will get with all other solutions. 

Only if you are running multi-million dollar funnels and spend thousands fo dollars on paid ads who might want to optimize some aspects of your funnel and make sure you optimize the last 5% that you cannot get with Kartra. 

Once you understand Kartra you can move forward with confidence – and move on. But as you can see, this really is just the tip of the iceberg.

It will amaze you how much faster you can get things done with Kartra just by managing everything in one platform. 

From my direct, day-to-day Kartra Pricing experience,
Kartra is the best solution, that’s why I deceided to create the absolute best bonus if you sign up for Kartra. (Click on the image below to learn more)

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If you’re a business owner who knows it about the extreme time to learn how to use different tools, integrate and them and keep them updated you know you want to focus on a simple and easy to use software stack.

Why Kartra Is The Best Solution for Most Small Business Owners

For most small businesses the opportunity cost is just too high. 

Don’t forget, choosing the money you pay for technology is only faction of your true costs. 

Even if you value your time at minimum wage, Kartra will pay for itself because of the hundreds of hours you would have to spend on using tools that are not integrated or have a lot of bugs. 

So don’t let this article be the end of your journey, but rather the beginning of your quest for more business success.

It will amaze you how much faster you can accomplish various tasks in Kartra and using them to your advantage.

To make the decision easy for you I’ve put together an amazing bonus stack if you choose to buy Kartra through my link at no extra cost to you. 

Click here to learn more. 

Regardless of how you choose to use this information, don’t just ponder different prices of software. 

Focus on the things that will move the needle in your business. 

Kartra Alternatives

That’s why I’m using Kartra for everything except blogging and reviews like this and can honestly say right now there is no more affordable system than Kartra. 

By the way, if you really want to sign up for Kartra here is the link to claim your bonus stack and take advantage of the secret 30day trial hack, that will save you about $50 on the Starter Plan or about $100 on the Silver Pricing Package. 

Check out what you’ll get from Martin when you sign up for Kartra

If you are not 100% sure if Kartra is the right system for you I will be publishing an in-depth Kartra review soon. 

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