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Eliminate addictive zero dollar value activities like mindlessly browsing Facebook or watching videos by blocking distracting websites with automated schedules and replace them with high value money making activities like writing sales copy, creating landing pages and testing sales funnels.

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Are only getting paid for results?

eliminate addictive zero dollar value activities and replace them with high value money making activities

Are you tired of relying on willpower, but not seeing success with productivity and Making Money Online? Research is showing that relying on self control just isn’t enough, and remembering to turn on your website blocker is almost impossible for average people to do on their own.  The distraction blocker of the future takes things to the next level because now you can automatically Eliminate addictive zero dollar value activities By Limiting Your Time On Distracting Websites Through automated schedules.

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FindFocus is a must-have application if you find it hard to stay focused and ignore distractions on your own. Once you’ve mastered its sequences and schedule modules, you will most likely become unstoppable in your fight for boosting your daily productivity.

Sergiu Gatlan, Softpedia

FindFocus is for you if…

You are unable to be truly productive and engage in “Deep Work” when you are working online.



  • bullseyeYou cannot tell you how many times you sat down to do a job that should have taken anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours, but 5 hours later you hadn’t started because you were busy chatting on social media or on a skype call. An occasional lapse of discipline like this is not a big deal, but when it becomes your regular routine you know you need to find a way to block social media on your Mac. 
  • bullseyeYou feel motivated at night thinking about what you’ll get done the next day. But when you are starting to work, you get frustrated and go to Facebook/Reddit or your favorite website  out of habit.
  • Maybe you tried other popular solutions like SelfControl but always forgot it turn and now you are looking for a professional solution that automatically blocks what you want without having to think about it. 
  • bullseyeYou want your website blocker give you structure and help you to build better online habits and routines, without being too restrictive if something important comes up.

You care about people being successful instead of your product being successful. That’s a great attitude to have. It will make the product better.”

Steve Lambert – Creator Of The SelfControl App about FindFocus

a new way of handling distractions automatically so you can quickly stop wasting time until you’re done with ALL your work This changes everything!

FindFocus is a multi-functional anti-procrastination tool to block distracting websites and remind you to take regular breaks. It was created from the ground up with a single purpose in mind: to help you stay focused and minimize distractions while working online on your Mac.

Weekly Schedules

Build better online habits with weekly schedules. Run multiple profiles with different unlock setting at the same time. 

Focus Pause:

Pause your blocking session instead of quitting it for some quick research, or use it as a reward to go to Facebook, YouTube, or Reddit for a few minutes.

Delay Discounter

End your focus mode any time you want. Only catch: you have to wait a few minutes.

Black List

Block only the websites that distract you while still being able to use any other site.

White List

Block the entire internet except the few sites that you need for Deep Work (especially useful for internet based productivity software)

Wildcard Syntax for Websites

Only want to use a certain part of a website or forum? Just block (or a allow) the part of the website you need.


Automated Breaks

Remind yourself to take regular breaks by turning your screen black.

Break Enforcer

Don’t procrastinate on what’s good for you. FindFocus can force you to take a break!

“Fort Knox” Mode

You cannot quit the focus mode and have to continue working on your project.

Try This New Instant Anti-Procrastination Software… NOW!

Who says you can’t avoid procrastination and stop checking Facebook and other distracting websites until you’re done with all your work with using willpower? FindFocus is fastest and best way to avoid online procrastination. 

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The New Distraction Blocker Breakthrough for Mac That Promises To Revolutionize Your Online Productivity

If staying focused while working on your your Mac, is a real issue for you then FindFocus is “one of the best, if not the best, solution” (as reviewed by Softpedia) for professionals working online.

What set’s FindFocus apart from other website blockers like SelfControl are mainly 3 different things:

  • You can create a weekly schedule where you can run multiple blocking “profiles” (websites & apps) at the same time.
  • It’s build on the scientific method of delayed gratification featuring different options to unlock the app
  • Instead of quitting a blocking session you can take a “Focus Pause” for a few minutes

Why is this important? Let’s say you want to write a piece of content and need to do some research online.

FindFocus let’s you can run a blacklist and whitelist at the same time. For example in SelfControl you would create a whitelist of the websites you need to write (e.g. Google Docs) to focus on writing. If you want to do research you would need to switch to blacklist mode manually. The blacklist would contain all distracting websites like Facebook, Youtube, Reddit, News or Gaming websites not relevant to your work. It’s easy so see that’s most people will forget to switch to the whitelist again or get lost on websites not in the blacklist. However, in FindFocus you would simply run the two profiles at the same time and then take a “Focus Pause”. You would schedule the blacklist during your working hours and run the whitelist to focus on your work. If you need to look up something you would use one of the “soft unlocking optins” e.g. enter a motivational phrase allow yourself to take a “Focus Pause” for 10 minutes to do your research.

After 10min you are forced to continue to work because the whitelist kicks in again and all websites except google docs are blocked again automatically. No need to remember anything… It’s impossible to get lost clicking interesting links while doing research…


One of the most advanced and efficient anti-procrastination tools out there. If staying focused while working on your computer, or on your Mac, is a real issue for you then here’s one of the best, if not the best, solution. 

Vladimir Ciobica


You may not believe me, I submitted a research paper to my supervisor this week, which I wasn’t able to do for eight months. I have tried many applications and nothing worked for me. I was skeptical about Findfocus at first, but I am really glad I found this software. Kudos to the developer, Martin Boeddeker, who cares much about his client’s satisfaction.

Ben D.



The Most Important Question To Ask BEFORE You Choose Your Distraction Blocker

Are you trying to stop checking distracting websites until you’re done with ALL your work, but finding that relying on willpower is just too much to handle? Do you start fresh every Monday, fail, then vow to start again with the same old productivity strategies that don’t work? You need to learn about a new way of handling distractions and automatically block distracting websites on your Mac so you can quickly stop wasting time on the internet until you’re done with ALL your work. This changes everything!

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Click on the button above and you can test FindFocus for 14 days for only $1 before you will be charged the regular price. Maybe you are asking why Is there no free trial For FindFocus? We tried that model in the past. It did not work. You’re buying professional software to stay away from distracting websites and applications because you know you cannot rely on willpower. We found that paying $1 upfront is a tiny but very important commitment that you are serious about your intentions and won’t procrastinate to use FindFocus. Of course if you find you’re not getting the results you want, you can cancel anytime.


I have done a lot of study and research on focus (cognitive science and “discipline-building” science / studies), building habits, priority management, personal productivity and so on. Nonetheless, my self-discipline has lagged in really making headway. I was looking for a software that would be very customizable, so that I could stretch myself to greater discipline, but allowed me the flexibility I need, given the dynamic nature of my business. The flexibility of FindFocus really impressed me. Whatever works for me may or may not work for you, but I encourage you to check FindFocus out, if you desire a little automated help in building up the good habits of focus.

Jeff Hora

Social Media Consultant

I love its functions! The ability to schedule things has been the standout. I can create a schedule when I’m in a sober state of mind in anticipation of impulsively jumping on the internet later.

Matthew D.


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FindFocus was created from the ground up with a single purpose in mind: to help you stay focused and minimize distractions while working online on your Mac. With FindFocus you can run a blacklist and whitelist at the same time, and then take “Focus Pauses”. This is not possible with any other app on the market.

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