What Are the Three Daily Practices to Stay Young?

There are so many experts, so much conflicting advice to be found on how to be healthy, how to be productive, how to live your life…

Wow! I never expected that such a simple answer would resonate with over 1.000.000 people.


I am deeply grateful. Therefore, I wrote a little add-on to this question.

Let me make an assumption first.

You already know a lot about productivity and are looking for ways how to improve your life.

However, the more you read the more confused you get.At least this was my own experience.The more I read the less I did.

I was simply overwhelmed.There are so many experts, so much conflicting advice to be found on how to be healthy, how to be productive, how to live your life…

There are so many rules, so many opinions…

And The worst part … it’s often contradicting…

How are we even supposed to find out what’s right for US?

I don’t even know for myself what’s right and what’s wrong.

Just take a look a dieting advice. Some people recommend eating only veggies while other swear on the Paleo diet, while other people say they don’t care and eat pasta and drink beer in the evening and are still able to break one world record after another.

How to make sense of this? It’s just too much.

I struggled with this for years till I made a simple observation.

It does not really matter what other people stay! We’re all different. Everyone has differnent problems, different struggles, different opinion on what is right.

The fact is: Some advice works for a certain person while at the same time it’s harmful to the person next him.You are different from the every other reader of this blog post!

However, …

I noticed one detail that most people seem to overlook.

I cannot even trust myself. How can I assume that somebody has the perfect solution for my problem? Most of us don’t take the time to look at ourselves and what we already know.

We humans are conditioned to always crave for new things. Probably that is the reason why you are reading this blog post.

You want to know about the latest life hack, dieting advice, productivity tip…

Yet,… we tend to underestimate what we already know.

Here is the thing:

Even if we don’t know what works BEST for us, all of us have a pretty good understanding what’s NOT GOOD for us.

For example, taking heroin, eating sugar and junk food, drinking alcohol, spending too much time on the internet, …

We Act Against Our Best Knowledge

Thousands of years before Facebook, YouTube and Quora the ancient Greeks used the word “akrasia” to describe the act of doing one thing when you know you should do another. The term appears several times in the New Testament.

In fact, in the words of Richard Bach, “You teach best what you most need to learn.”I’ve had to devise my own behavioral hacks to regain control over my own bad habits and deal with the struggles that happen to me (especially last year).

It will never become easier, yet…

I Found A Simple Technique to Be Very Effective

Just by getting rid of the stuff you already know is bad for you will see major improvements.

Sticking to this simple formula I was able to achieve amazing results:

For example:

  • loose 10kg without doing more sports or making (big) changes to my diet
  • stop watching porn completely
  • leaving a job I don’t like in order to start my own company
  • living at the place where I really wanted to live
  • build relationships with amazing people

The thing is I don’t know what’s right for you.

You have to decide for yourself.

However, I know about a lot about the things that are bad for all of US.

If you like to know more about the simple strategies that I use to get rid of the bad stuff, please join my newsletter and let’s make this journey together.

I invite you on this journey with me.

Let’s Make the Best Out of 2018 Together.

Make a huge step forward by doing less things of the things that are not good for you.

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Have a great start into 2018!



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