13 Things You Should Know Before Blocking Websites with StayFocusd

StayFocusd Website Blocker

StayFocusd is an excellent productivity extension for Google Chrome to block certain websites on your computer temporarily. However, there are a few essential things you need to know before you use this productivity tool.  Imagine you installed the StayFocusd website blocker to increase your willpower and minimize time spent reading about dietary habits of Roman emperors in …

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How To Increase Willpower?

How to increase willpower

Before finding ways to strengthen your willpower, you need to understand what willpower is, what it does, and how it behaves. It draws upon your desire to accomplish something. It is most easily achieved over the short term but can drive one to extraordinary effort over the long term.What is Willpower, and Who Has It?What is willpower, …

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What Is FOMO?

What Is FOMO?

According to the urban dictionary, FOMO is the fear that if you miss a party or event, you will miss out on something great. What Does FOMO Stand For?FOMO stands for Fear of Missing Out and despite the long history of events where people had to deal with the fear of missing out on something the …

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The Age Of Distraction

“In order to do anything that matters, we must first be able to give attention to the things that matter. Doing so has never been easy, but lately it’s become harder in new and surprising ways.” – James Williams  We live in curious times. It’s called the Age of Information, but in another light it can be …

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