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Mind Control – 15 Techniques to Develop a Creative Mind You Can Use Today

Oooooh, mind control…no, this blog post isn’t about being abducted by aliens or experimenting with something strange from a mad scientist’s laboratory. I wrote this article to help you to take back control of your mind. Every day we are bombarded by notifications, sounds from an app that used popped up on your phone, and distractions everywhere […]

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How To Overcome Internet Addiction – The Ultimate Guide For Heavy Internet Users

The first thing most people do when left alone is browsing their social media feeds and checking the news. They are not asking “How to overcome internet addiction?” Instead 99% of what they look at when browsing the net will mean nothing to them after a few minutes. We all know that we are probably spending […]

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Renewing Your Mind – 15 Essential Zen Habits to Stop Brain Overload

A great Zen teacher named Hui Neng was enlightened when hearing a single sentence from the Diamond Sutra. (This is one of the essential teachings in Buddhism). The sentence was: “Develop a mind that clings to nothing.” Renewing your mind to stop brain overload means that you cling to nothing. This is one of the most important […]

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What Missionaries and Cannibals Can Teach You About Running A Business That Nobody Ever Told You

In 2004 Christoph van Nimwegen a cognitive psychologist at Utrecht University began a series of simple but highly revealing experiments to discover what kind of behavior leads to expertise.This experiment is highly relevant to your journey as an entrepreneur, freelancer, or even just a human being. The experiment had two groups of people play a computer […]

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6 New Ways To Create a New Habit Without Fail Before Your Motivation Is Gone

Let’s say you’ve been wanting to quit spending so much time on reddit or Facebook for a while, or you’ve really been wanting to start your online business or finish your new book. All of a sudden, you read something that motivates you … You’re ready to make the change! You’re determined. You’re going to make this happen. It’s […]

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