BNSN Review – Better Than ChatGPT, Jasper & Co?

BNSN AI copywriting software review

Ever felt like you’re just one stellar marketing campaign away from your big break wishing for a magic button. Enter from Billion-Dollar copywriter Jon Benson, promising to avoid getting generic ChatGPT copy into high-converting persuasive copy without using prompts.

But let’s be real: Can proptless copy truly capture the essence of your brand and convince your audience to hit ‘buy’?

Sounds too good to be true, right?

That’s what I would think too but I’ve been a customer of Jon when nobody heard of AI.

He was one of the first people to create an AI copywriting tool and in this BNSN review we’re diving deep into the world of automated sales copy generation.

25k in 5 hours with BNSN and

So wheater you want to churn out email campaigns that convert to crafting high-coverting VSLs and sales letterwithout breaking a sweat, this review promises a no-holds-barred look at whether BNSN might be your marketing messiah or just another high-tech distraction.

So, for the skeptical reader wondering if BNSN will drive engagement and sales, I’ve got you covered. And I promise, by the end of this review, you’ll know exactly whether it’s worth your time and investment.

Let’s dive into the AI-driven future of marketing.

BNSN Summary

BNSN is an innovative AI copywriting tool designed to transform the way entrepreneurs create marketing content. At its core, BNSN leverages advanced artificial intelligence to generate high-converting sales copy, email campaigns, SEO content, and more in mere seconds. What sets BNSN apart is its Promptless AI™ technology, which eliminates the need for tedious prompt engineering, allowing you to simply input a few details and receive A-list quality content ready to convert your audience.

Instant High-Quality Copy

Generate persuasive copy that engages and converts with out using prompts

No Prompts Needed

The only AI-tool that works right out of the gate with minimal input (300 words)

Clone Expert Copy

Use copy you like and insert make it read like it’s been written for your offer.

Email Campaigns

Create email campaigns in minutes that sound like an A-Level copy-writer wrote them

Create VSL’s

Create Video Sales Letters in minutes that sound like an A-Level copy-writer wrote them

Create Ads

Create Facebook & Youtube ads in minutes that sound like an A-Level copy-writer wrote them

Overall Rating:
5 / 5


  • Sounds Human
  • User-Friendly
  • FAST (No Prompts)
  • Active Community
  • Conversion Focused
  • Promptless Technology


  • Not for SEO content
  • No custom prompts
  • No Formating Editor
  • No Trial

Only $49/month

My Experience With BNSN – Video Review

BNSN Review - What To Expect from Jon Benson's NEW AI Tool?

What is BNSN?

BNSN is a groundbreaking Promptless AI™ tool designed to create high-converting sales copy with the ease and speed of a click. Created by Jon Benson, a legend in the world of billion-dollar copywriting, BNSN stands apart in its field. It’s not just any AI copywriting tool; it’s a platform trained exclusively on the most successful marketing campaigns, aimed at delivering A-list copy for emails, full sales letters, VSLs, webinars, and ads.

What makes BNSN truly unique is its ability to generate persuasive, engaging sales copy without the need for user-generated prompts. This means users can produce content that resonates deeply with their audience without being seasoned copywriters themselves. BNSN is equipped with features like Blueprints, which outline the key elements needed to appeal to your ideal buyer, and Cloner, which allows you to take any piece of copy you admire and tweak it for your own use, ensuring it matches your offer’s blueprint for maximum persuasion and conversion.

Moreover, BNSN is more than just a tool; it’s a community. Users are encouraged to provide feedback, directly influencing the software’s development and improvement. It connects you not just to revolutionary AI technology but also to a network of marketing experts, copywriters, and entrepreneurs.

BNSN was born from Jon Benson’s vision to simplify the copywriting process, leveraging AI to surpass the capabilities of existing tools like ChatGPT, which often falls short in creating effective sales copy.

Who Created BNSN?

Jon Benson, the mind behind BNSN, is no stranger to the world of copywriting and digital marketing. Dubbed as a billion-dollar copywriter, Benson’s prowess with words isn’t just about crafting compelling sales letters; it’s about revolutionizing how we think about marketing in the digital age. His invention of the Video Sales Letter (VSL) back in 2006 marked the beginning of a new era in online marketing, showcasing his ability to merge creativity with effectiveness in a way that had never been seen before.

Benson’s journey into creating BNSN stems from a desire to further push the boundaries of AI in marketing. BNSN isn’t just another AI tool; it’s a culmination of years of expertise, experimentation, and a deep understanding of what makes content not just readable, but persuasive and compelling. This tool is designed to simplify the copywriting process, making high-quality, conversion-focused content accessible to everyone, from seasoned marketers to entrepreneurs just starting out.

What sets BNSN apart is its foundation on ethical persuasion and Jon’s unique approach to content creation. Instead of merely generating copy, BNSN is imbued with the patterns and strategies of over 100 of the world’s top marketers and copywriters, ensuring that each piece of content it produces resonates with audiences on a deeper level.

In creating BNSN, Jon Benson didn’t just aim to automate copywriting; he sought to enhance the human element of marketing, ensuring that each word, sentence, and paragraph serves not just to sell, but to connect and inspire. With BNSN, Jon Benson has once again proven why he’s a leading figure in the digital marketing world, offering a tool that encapsulates his wealth of knowledge, experience, and an unwavering commitment to quality and innovation.

Who is BNSN for?

Struggling to craft copy that converts like crazy but feels like you’re just throwing words into a black hole? I get it. It’s like yelling into the void and hearing crickets, right? Frustrating. But imagine flipping a switch to turn those crickets into applause. That’s where BNSN steps in.

It’s not just for the marketing experts and professional copy writers; it’s a game-changer for entrepreneurs, coaches, funnel desingers, and yes, even the without a marketing background Mich Michael Mulcahy who said this about BNSN.

Ready to dive in and see how BNSN can transform your marketing game? Let’s look at typical people who use this AI copywriting tool instead of ChatGPT.

  1. Entrepreneurs & Marketers: The heart and soul of BNSN’s user base. Entrepreneurs, especially those in the early stages of their business, find invaluable support in BNSN. It’s not just about creating copy; it’s about crafting a message that resonates with their target audience without breaking the bank. For start-ups, BNSN acts as an in-house copywriter, generating everything from persuasive web copy to compelling pitch emails, saving them time and resources that are better allocated towards product development and market research.
  2. Small Business Owners: They often juggle multiple roles, from marketing to sales, and BNSN provides a much-needed shortcut. Instead of spending hours drafting and revising sales copy, BNSN offers them the ability to quickly produce high-quality content that drives engagement and sales, enabling them to compete with larger enterprises without the need for extensive marketing departments.
  3. Agency Owners: Professionals in digital marketing operate in a fast-paced environment where content is king, and the demand for fresh, persuasive copy is constant. BNSN serves as a force multiplier for these users, enabling them to produce a wide range of content—from High-Converting-Webinars, Email follow-up sequences to conversion-focused ad copy—at scale. This not only enhances their ability to execute diverse campaigns but also significantly improves their efficiency and effectiveness.
  4. Coaches & Consultants: For professionals who sell knowledge and expertise, BNSN crafts authentic and persuasive narratives that resonate with their target audience. It helps them create powerful sales letters, compelling course descriptions, and motivational content that converts prospects into paying clients.
  5. Funnel Builders: Specialists in creating sales and marketing funnels need copy that guides prospects through each stage of the buyer’s journey. BNSN offers them the ability to quickly generate copy for landing pages, lead magnets, and upsells, ensuring a cohesive and persuasive funnel that maximizes conversions.

BNSN Tutorial & Walkthrough

Video is coming soon

What Benefits Does BNSN Provide?

Embarking on the journey with BNSN isn’t just about streamlining your copywriting process; it’s about unlocking a treasure trove of possibilities that transforms the way you create marketing campaigns for your business to captivate, convince, and convert your audience with ease elevating your marketing game to realms you’ve only dreamed of.

Here’s how BNSN brings a revolution to your digital doorstep:

  • Instant High-Quality Copy: With BNSN, say goodbye to writer’s block. 🚫✍️ Instantly generate persuasive copy that engages and converts, leading to a bustling business with soaring sales figures.
  • Time-Saving Magic: Reclaim hours of your day. ⏳ BNSN crafts compelling copy in seconds, not hours, giving you back time to focus on what truly matters—growing your empire.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Cut down on hefty copywriting expenses. 💰 BNSN is your in-house expert, minus the expert fees, maximizing your marketing budget with unmatched efficiency.
  • Customizable Content: Tailor your message to perfection. 🛠 With BNSN, every piece of copy can be customized to echo your brand’s voice, fostering a unique connection with your audience.
  • Marketing Campaigns on Steroids: Supercharge your email, ads, and sales pages. 🚀 BNSN turns your ideas into high-converting campaigns that captivate and convert, propelling your business forward.
  • No More Guesswork: Navigate the marketing maze with confidence. 🧭 BNSN eliminates the guesswork in copy creation, ensuring your content hits the mark every single time.
  • Engagement Boost: Watch your audience engagement skyrocket. 📈 With copy that resonates and engages, BNSN helps you build lasting relationships with your customers.
  • Seamless Integration: Integrate BNSN effortlessly into your workflow. 🔄 It works where you work, making it a seamless addition to your marketing toolkit without disrupting your creative flow.
  • Competitive Edge: Stay ahead of the curve. 🏆 With BNSN, leverage cutting-edge AI technology and access the brains of top copywriters. 🧠 BNSN is infused with the expertise of leading marketing minds, putting decades of copywriting wisdom at your fingertips.
  • Rapid Content Production: Turn any product idea into a high-coverting marketing campaign faster than ever before. 🏭 Produce more content in less time with BNSN, filling your marketing channels with content that sounds like a master copywriter wrote it.
  • Increase Conversion Rates: Transform browsers into buyers. 🛒 BNSN’s persuasive copy effortlessly guides your audience to take action, boosting your conversion rates and your bottom line.
  • Broad Application: From social media to sales funnels, BNSN has you covered. 🌐 Whatever your marketing need, BNSN delivers, making it the most versatile tool in your arsenal.
  • Continuous Innovation: With BNSN, your marketing never stagnates. 🔧 Benefit from continuous updates and new features, ensuring your copy stays fresh and your strategies sharp.

BNSN Integrations

While BNSN doesn’t directly integrate with any specific tools, it stands as an indispensable companion for funnel builders across the spectrum. Think of it as the Robin to your Batman when you’re navigating the complex world of funnel creation with platforms like ClickFunnels, GoHighLevel, Kartra, and These tools sculpt the structure, but BNSN breathes life into it with compelling copy that converts prospects at every stage of the funnel.

  • ClickFunnels Users: Leverage BNSN to draft irresistible landing page copy that hooks visitors the moment they land on your page.
  • GoHighLevel Advocates: Utilize BNSN to create engaging follow-up emails and SMS messages that keep leads warm and ready to convert.
  • Kartra Enthusiasts: Use BNSN to enhance your membership content, ensuring each module is packed with value and persuasive call-to-actions.
  • Followers: Empower your sales funnels with BNSN, crafting powerful scripts that drive optins and sales.

With BNSN, the gap between having a funnel and having a funnel that effectively converts just got narrower.

It’s about ensuring every word in your funnel serves a purpose, guiding your audience closer to the action you want them to take. This partnership between BNSN and your chosen funnel builder tool transforms potential into profits, making it clear why BNSN is the missing piece in your digital marketing toolkit.

BNSN Updates

BNSN, a tool poised to revolutionize the way we approach copywriting with AI, is currently in its founder’s stage. What does this mean for you? It means that BNSN is like a diamond in the rough – exceptional, yet continuously being polished.

As it evolves, so too will its capabilities, growing to better meet our needs as a marketers, entrepreneurs, or copywriters.

As BNSN grows and adapts, undergoing significant updates or enhancements, I’ll be here to update you, ensuring you’re always in the loop because it’s not just about what BNSN is now, but also what it promises to become.

And that, my friend, is a journey worth embarking on.

BNSN Pricing – How Much Does it Cost?

Navigating through the BNSN pricing plans reveals an approach designed to offer both immediate and lasting value to its early adopters. The deal on the table is pretty straightforward yet enticing: an initial payment of $499, followed by a $49 monthly subscription after the first 30 days.

This setup not only makes BNSN accessible but also positions it as an investment in your marketing’s future effectiveness and efficiency.

For those ready to dive in, this early adopter phase isn’t just a purchase; it’s a partnership with BNSN, offering direct input into the product’s evolution while securing a nearly $500 saving on annual costs. It’s a bold move for bold marketers, reflecting a commitment to elevating their copywriting game with AI’s power.

BNSN Free Trial

Currently, BNSN doesn’t explicitly offer a free trial, but its initial pricing structure provides a valuable entry point for users to experience its full capabilities with the opportunity for direct feedback and influence on its development.

BNSN Discount

The early adopter pricing essentially acts as a discount, offering significant savings for users willing to join in the developmental stage and contribute to shaping BNSN’s future.

BNSN's NEW Pricing & Jon Benson’s Future AI Tools Explained!

BNSN Lifetime deal

As of now, there’s no mention of a lifetime deal for BNSN. The focus is on providing ongoing value through a subscription model, which includes continuous updates and improvements.

BNSN Subscription

BNSN adopts a subscription model, with an upfront cost of $499 and a subsequent monthly fee of $49 after the first 30 days . This model ensures users always have access to the latest features and updates.

BNSN Coupon Codes

There are no specific mentions of coupon codes for BNSN at this time. The current pricing reflects an early adopter advantage, offering significant savings as a form of appreciation for early support and feedback.

BNSN User Review [Coming Soon]

In the bustling landscape of AI copywriting, BNSN stands out not just for what it does, but for how it does it. While it’s in a league of its own, understanding the terrain means looking at the alternatives. So, let’s dive into some of the other players: ChatGPT, Jasper,, and

ChatGPT, an impressive generalist in the world of AI, offers a wide range of capabilities. Its strength lies in its versatility, but when it comes to specialized marketing copy, it’s like using a Swiss Army knife for a job that needs a scalpel. Precise, conversion-focused copywriting isn’t its strongest suit.

Then there’s Jasper, the artist formerly known as Jarvis. It’s tailored for content creation and does a decent job at churning out articles and blog posts. However, when pitted against BNSN’s laser-focused marketing copy capabilities, Jasper feels a bit like a broad brush used for fine detailing—it can get the job done, but perhaps not with the finesse you’re seeking. promises to make copywriting as simple as clicking a button. And it delivers—to an extent. Ideal for generating ideas or drafting initial outlines, can sometimes leave you wanting more in terms of depth and persuasion. It’s a solid starting point, but crossing the finish line might require a bit more legwork. steps into the ring with a focus on sales and marketing content. It’s nimble, it’s quick, but when it comes down to the crunch, it doesn’t quite capture the nuance and persuasion that BNSN can. can groove, but when the music demands a symphony, it plays a tune that’s just a touch too simple.

In this arena, while each competitor brings something to the table, BNSN orchestrates a performance that’s hard to match. It’s not about the notes you play but how you play them. And in the symphony of AI copywriting, BNSN conducts with a maestro’s touch.

Frequently Asked Questions About BNSN

>Write a list of FAQs that [AUDIENCE] would ask about [PRODUCT] and answer them.

BNSN is a cutting-edge AI copywriting tool designed to create high-converting sales copy, webinars, and emails. Unlike traditional AI tools that require users to generate prompts, BNSN works right out of the gate with minimal input. This means you don’t need extensive marketing knowledge to start producing effective content. By analyzing successful marketing campaigns, BNSN understands the patterns and mechanisms that make copy persuasive, offering users a streamlined way to communicate their message effectively.

Absolutely! One of the main advantages of BNSN is its user-friendly approach, making it accessible to individuals regardless of their copywriting expertise. It’s specifically designed to assist those who might not have a background in marketing or copywriting, by providing high-quality sales copy with minimal effort. Whether you’re crafting emails, sales pages, or webinar scripts, BNSN guides you through the process, making it easier to connect with your audience and achieve your marketing goals.

This review was writting with custom prompts using ChatGPT and

BNSN focuses primarily on sales copy, emails, and webinars, aiming to enhance conversion rates and engagement rather than optimizing for search engines. While SEO is crucial for online visibility, BNSN specializes in persuasive and engaging content that converts readers into customers. For those looking to improve SEO, tools like ChatGPT or are better suited to excecute SEO-focused strategies and tools.

This review was writting with custom prompts using ChatGPT and

While ChatGPT and similar tools are versatile in handling a wide range of text generation tasks, BNSN sets itself apart by specializing in marketing and sales content. Its strength lies in creating copy that’s immediately ready for use in campaigns, without the need for users to craft detailed prompts or have deep marketing knowledge. BNSN’s focus on conversion-optimized content means it’s more tailored for businesses looking to increase sales and engagement through their copy.

BNSN’s unique selling point is its promptless operation, making it exceptionally user-friendly and efficient. Unlike other AI copywriting tools that require users to learn how to craft effective prompts, BNSN simplifies the content creation process. It’s been trained on top-performing marketing materials, allowing it to produce content that resonates with audiences and drives conversions, all while saving time and resources for its users.

While BNSN’s primary focus is on sales-oriented content, such as emails, sales pages, and webinars, its capabilities can extend to creating engaging content for social media and blogs. The key is leveraging BNSN’s persuasive writing style to captivate your audience, regardless of the platform. However, for those looking for SEO-optimized blog posts, I would recommend a different approach.

Conclusion – Is BNSN Worth It?

You’ve probably seen the exaggarations of what AI tools can do. So perhaps even after reading this BNSN review there’s that nagging voice asking, “But will this really be the game-changer for my business?”

Totally normal. With ChatGPT and Claude becoming more powerful by the day investing into another AI- copywriting tool that doesn’t offer a trial is a risk.

Here’s the deal: embracing BNSN is not just about making your life easier (hello, instant high-quality copy and goodbye, dreaded writer’s block).

It’s about unlocking copywriting genius you didn’t even know you were missing.

Creating copy with BNSN feels like hidden superpower, waiting to be unleashed just like you’re suddenly wearing Iron Man’s suit.

There is no other tool I know that crafs copy that doesn’t sound like ChatGPT wrote it but turns basic input about your business into copy that really has the potential to turn those casual browsers into loyal customers, skeptics into evangelists.

Have you watched my Youtube review? What I talk about there is real…

The time you’ll save, the money you won’t need to splurge on expensive copywriters, the endless stream of content tailored precisely to your brand’s voice.

All of this while being on the cutting edge, leading your market because you dared to invest into the best copywriting tool in the world build by one of the best copywriters in the world.

So, take a deep breath.

Investing into BNSN to become a founder isn’t just another business decision; it’s a leap towards the future of how you can use AI to build a business that turns your dreams into realities.

BNSN isn’t just a tool; it’s your partner in this dance of digits and desires, transforming the mundane into the magical.

Stand tall, shoulders back, eyes forward.

The path ahead is illuminated by the brilliance of what you and BNSN can achieve together.

Just watch the videos on this page (which are not created with AI) and take that step, to soar on the wings of AI-powered creativity, and to write not just content, but your legacy.

Are you ready to fly?

Then click on the button below to sign-up for BNSN with my affiliate link.

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