How To Block Facebook And Still Use The Business Manager

Block Facebook

There are a lot of reason to stop using Facebook. However if you are an online marketer and running Facebook ads you need to use the Business Manager to manage you Facebook ads.

Until recently it was impossible to block access to websites like Facebook and still be able to use the Business Manager.

After returning to Facebook myself to make FindFocus more popular using ads myself I ran into a challenge. 

I wanted to quit using the regular Facebook (except for some small and timed visits) but still be able to manage my ad account.

It’s so easy to get distracted even if you know you should leave Facebook.

Probably the best book on Facebook is “The Ultimate Guide To Facebook Advertising” by Perry Marshall, Keith Krance and Thomes Meloche.

Before they get into explaining their ads strategy they start with a warning. 

Perry says:

The every first thing you have to do is get real with yourself and realize that playing around on social media is NOT the same as RUNNING social media or CONTROLLING social media

Facebook ads is a serious endeavor.

Millions of people quit their jobs to start a business. They’re essentially being supported by their spouses. She works every day, and while she’s changing bedpans at the hospital, she thinks her husband is working.

When in fact he’s just goofin off on Facebook all day. Doing stuff that sorta kinda looks like work.

Perry goes on to tell us that he never logs on a standard user after 5:30pm and does not even use the service at all on most days yet spends most of his time in the business manager. 

Don’t confuse activity with productivity

Here is Perry’s advise that helped many of his clients to skyrocket their productivity, sales, profits and income:

  • Delete all social media apps from your phone.
  • “Close the Facebook Tab in your browser”
  • Entirely stop using Facebook in the usal fashion during working hours
  • Turn you phone into airplane mode while you’re working

However closing the Facebook tab for most of us is much harder that this simple advise sounds

We are part or an industry spending billions of dollars trying to capture as much attention as possible using the most sophisticated methods in the world.

However just as our clients and customers, the people we are trying to target on Facebook we our own willpower and attention is limited.

Think about it: Thousands of the world’s brightest psychologists, statisticians, and designers (maybe including you as well) are spending the majority of their waking lives figuring out how to grab as much as attention as possible.

And yet all Perry has to say is: 

Just close the “Facebook Tab”

How is that working your you?

If productivity tips like this would help I would already be a millionaire.

Needless to say, for most of us this simple advise does not help. 

If you want to leave the regular Facebook behind, you don’t need more knowledge and willpower.

set up a system that won’t allow you to get distracted

You need to set up a system that won’t allow you to get distracted even though the urge to visit it is “just one tab” away. 

As Perry Marshall writes in the introduction of his Facebook Advertising book:

You either pull the strings of the Matrix from outside the Matrix… or you’re in the Matrix being entertained by the Matrix.

You can’t do both…”

That’s why I created a short video how you can stop using Facebook and still have access to the Business Manager. 

Hope you like it.

If you have any questions, just let me know in the comments. 

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