Stop Procrastinating, Start Producing!

Welcome to Episode 04 of the FindFocus Podcast.

In this episode, productivity scientist, reformed procrastinator and creator of Focusmate Taylor Jacobson and I discuss how to "Stop Procrastinating & Start Producing".

So if you want to create an environment that will make you productive when you work from home, stop feeling a lot of fear and shame wasting so much time online and avoid procrastination tune in now!

In this episode, you'll discover:

  • The most existential risk and mistake that people make when they start a business from scratch
  • How to create an environment that will make you productive when you work from home
  • How to stop feeling a lot of fear and shame wasting so much time online
  • The “big big breakthrough that changed everything when you are being held accountable”
  • Why it’s no problem if you don’t finish your to do list.
  • The two big trends that define our future work
  • Why we are not designed nor equipped to handle constant distractions
  • The surprising predictor of early death that we all have to deal with (It’s far worse than obesity)
  • How to create some real human connection when we're working alone.
  • The ridiculously effective (and free) solution that Taylor come up with…
  • How this solution helped his clients to develop new habits suddenly, no longer feeling anxious or worried and even going to sleep on Sunday night looking forward to the week ahead because they know they can count on themselves to get their most important work done

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About Taylor Jacobson

  • He is a productivity scientist, reformed procrastinator and creator of Focusmate.
  • Taylor was featured in Forbes, CNN, GQ, Huffington Post.
  • He believes that most global problems would get solved if everyone could do their best work. His mission is to make that happen.
  • He invites you to experience the life-changing benefits of virtual accountability by exploring the Focusmate community for yourself.

More Information

Learn more about how you can stop procrastinating and start producing working from home using virtual coworking with Focusmate

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