How To Be A Successful Freelancer

Be a successful Freelancer

Welcome to Episode 08 of the The FindFocus Podcast.

In this episode, Justin Emery and I discuss “How to be a successful freelancer?”

So if you want to know why transitioning from a 9 to 5 job is harder than most people think, how to find more jobs a freelancer, and the apps Justin uses to stay on track so you can start your own freelancing career, tune in now!

About Justin Emery

Justin Emery is a software developer in London, England. In 2017 he began working as a freelancer after a number of years leading a development team in a more traditional office job.

After becoming a keen meditator and attending mindfulness retreats, Justin found that the biggest challenge to “living mindfully” came when he was using technology. He became interested in exploring more mindful, focused, and task-oriented technology – as an alternative to the more commonplace apps and websites which are designed to be distracting and addictive. He recently launched the blog where he explores and reviews techniques and tools to help stay focused whilst using digital devices, apps, and websites. He applies principles from meditation and mindfulness in both his personal life and his professional freelance software development work.

More Information

Learn more about Justin’s approach to combining meditation & mindfulness with technology at his blog

Those interested in his freelance software development work can view his professional website.

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