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"I turn it on whenever I need to focus.  Really liking it."
Brett McKay from the


How Daily And Weekly Planning Will Burn Away Your Bad Habits And Transform Your Life

Welcome to Episode 07 of the The FindFocus Podcast. In this episode, journal expert Mitchell McBrayer and I discuss the method Mitchell developed to burn away your bad habits and transform your life. So if you want to transform motivation into a non-factor, learn how to start a business from scratch, and at the same time improve […]

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Can You Still Make Money Online Building A Guru Business?

 Recently I came across an article titled about observations that called online marketing and especially starting some kind of “Guru” business a crumbling niche.    In one of the responses Tara McMullin said in her article “From Personality Cults to Collective Intelligence”No $2000 course has made growing my business much easier. A course can even out […]

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Stop Procrastinating, Start Producing!

Welcome to Episode 04 of the FindFocus Podcast.In this episode, productivity scientist, reformed procrastinator and creator of Focusmate Taylor Jacobson and I discuss how to “Stop Procrastinating & Start Producing”. So if you want to create an environment that will make you productive when you work from home, stop feeling a lot of fear and shame […]

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How To Quickly Feel Less Anxious And Less Stressed When Dealing With Social Media

If you want to quickly feel less anxious and less stressed, have better conversations with other people, and get to know a simple sleep hack to identify the mistakes you are making and fix them then let Martin Boeddeker and major social anxiety expert Alex MacLellan show you how use Social Media properly.

Listen this episode now!

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The Real Impact of Addictive Technology on People, Society and The Environment

 Stare into the lights my pretties – What is the impacts of addictive technology on people, society and the environment? – With Jordan BrownMartin Boeddeker interviews award-winning film-maker and activist Jordan Brown. Together they try to answer the question how can we return to the real physical world again?Download this episode now to get started!In […]

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