Podcast #001 – How To Build Habits With Marco Stojanovic

Welcome to Episode 01 of the FindFocus Podcast. In this episode, Marco Stojanovic and I discuss the science of building new habits.So if you want to get to know the most important aspect of building simple AND complex habits, how to learn a new language in 10 minutes per day, and how a student was able to finish his assignment 6 weeks before it was due so you can how to build a new habit, tune in now!

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Why Marco’s education and experience in build better habits make him / her your perfect teacher for the science of building new habits
  • An in-depth peek into Marco’s psychology background 
  • The “10 minute TIP” Martin wished someone had shared about build better habits when he was first starting out (and the best way for Deep Work Enthusiasts put this tip into action today)
  • A VERY cool TRICK Marco figured out and discovered to build better habits that will revolutionize the way Deep Work Enthusiasts succeed with the science
  • The #1 SECRET every Deep Work Enthusiast needs to know when it comes to build better habits (and why it’s a easier than most people think)
  • Lots of other juicy tips, tricks & secrets about build better habits all Deep Work Enthusiasts need to know about
  • The one activity you MUST prioritize above all others
  • Specific examples that really sum up how to build a new habit (and how to apply them to your situation right now)
  • Time management tips based on science to build habits longtem
  • Why it’s easier than ever for a new Deep Work Enthusiast starting out today han it was when Marco got started

About Marco Stojanovic

 is an expert in building better habits whose accomplishments include:- Started a successful business as an entrepreneur- Currently doing a Ph.D. in psychology – Coded a new habit builder app based on his research 

More Information

Learn more about how you can build better habits with Marco’s app Grow – The Psychometric Habit Builder

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