GrooveFunnels Pricing Increases to USD 2497 for Lifetime Deal

GrooveFunnels Platinum Lifetime Price Increases Soon

Is GrooveFunnels worth it? In this article, you’ll learn everything about GrooveFunnels Pricing Options, the Lifetime Deal and its limitations.

You might have heard that you can get GrooveSell for free right now.

So let’s start this pricing guide with the free plan.

GrooveFunnels calls the base plan and is basically what you sign up for when you create your free GroovePages & GrooveSell account.

It includes GrooveSell, all of GrooveAffiliate, and all of the future updates.

With this free pricing plan, you a lifetime version to GrooveSell, GrooveAffiliate and GroovePages Lite.

If you have not created a free account I would recommend registering your FREE LIFETIME account for GroovePages and GrooveSell now because the free promotion ends after the Corona Crisis is over.

So if you are just looking for an alternative to ThriveCart, SamCart or PayKickStart, to sell your products and courses online I recommend you read my in-depth review of GrooveSell here or if you’re more interessted in their recent entry into the AI market read my review of Groove AI

If you consider upgrading to the Pro version of GrooveFunnels I recommend to watch this video first.

GrooveFunnels Pricing: Lifetime Platinum Rises to $2497 - Find Out More

To see GrooveFunnels in action and get access to all the bonuses mentioned in the video, CLICK HERE to check out this page I’ve build with GroovePages.

Note: The following part is a transcript of Mike Filsaime’s recent “State of Groovion 2021” webinar in which he discussed just-launched pricing options was used to write this article.

I recommend you do the following to get the best results:

GrooveFunnels Platinum Lifetime Price Increases Soon

A review of the old pricing structure.

Mike Filsaime explained how the previous pricing structure hurt the company’s finances.

At the beginning of February there was (and is still) the legendary low price of $1,397, however, there were also many competing options at low price points that the company which led to confusion!

There were many other options such as pay nothing today, 6 x $288, 12 x $188 and even more.

It depends on whether the buyers went through the OTO (one-time offer) immediately after making a free account, or whether they did it from the “upgrade” page later down the line.

Eventually, that “old” payment plan became 4 x $497.

Recent changes

There’s no longer a “pay nothing for 14 days” option, there is no longer an option for 6 or 12 payments, and the OTO is now 4x $497. 

With an estimate of around $1,400 or around $2,500, this amounts to a sharp comparison. 

Saving either $600 or $1,100 is clearly a huge incentive for people to pay on the spot.

An Unexpected Change That Shocked Everyone!

People bought only one obvious option following the change, which was the $1,397. 

Overnight, the company’s immediate cash flow increased from 30% to 95% of actual sales volumes!

Mike proved it with statistics, and yes, the list was near illimitable: 1397, 1397, 1397…

Why You Need To Upgrade Now

So now is the time both to start promoting if you are an affiliate and to upgrade if you haven’t yet joined Groove or are still on the free plan.

Promotion now has an advantage because the company’s cashflow has doubled due to the changes in the payment plans, as should your commissions.

Mike’s recent price hike announcement is clearly another incentive to upgrade now.

time to upgrade, if you haven’t already. If you will, you will not regret it.

What’s the difference between GrooveFunnels Basic and GrooveFunnels Lifetime Platinum?

In GroovePages light, you get wireframe blocks, and you also get that in the pro upgrade. The Pro upgrade, however, gives you premium blocks, and GrooveDigital will be adding more blocks in the future.

In the light version of GroovePages, you get a premium block starter pack and one set of funnel templates from the GroovePages library.

In GroovePages Pro, you get access to an entire ever-growing library of funnel templates. In his upgrade video, Mike Filsaime announced that they plan to add new templates to that library for years and years to come.

Besides that, the pro upgrade gives you unlimited project sites wherein the lite version of GroovePages, you’ll only get three websites.

When you take advantage of the GrooveFunnels Life-Time-Update you get

  • unlimited pages,
  • unlimited websites and
  • unlimited funnels.

Of course, you’ll get free hosting for life with GroovePages Lite and GroovePages Pro.

But the other big difference here is the lite version doesn’t give you custom domains.

So you’ll have to use a username like findfocus.groovepages like I use to host my GrooveFunnels Bonus.

So your website URL would be “”

That means if you want to go out and buy the domain name for your brand, or if you already have it, you can wrap that around your website and your funnels, and you can have them branded to your own custom domain with GroovePages Pro.

The pro version of the website builder gives you

  • unlimited custom domains,
  • unlimited bandwidth,
  • unlimited royalty-free images,
  • unlimited pop-ups,
  • unlimited elements access to new templates

You also get free SSL certificates and, of course free hosting.

Alright, so now we know the difference between GroovePages Lite and GroovePages Pro. So let us have a look at the different pricing plans.

How much does GrooveFunnels Cost?

The Free Base Plan,

The free base plan includes GrooveSell, GrooveAffiliate, and GroovePages light.

What’s Included In The GrooveFunnels Suite?

All right now today, the lifetime upgrade is for everything that you see here, the Platinum lifetime upgrade.

What Is The GrooveFunnels Silver And The GrooveFunnels Gold Plan?

Well, these pricing plans are coming out in July when GrooveFunnels will launch fully.

GrooveFunnels has a timeline for everything else that you see here on the whiteboard from Mike Filsaime’s video.


Now let’s talk about GrooveFunnels.

What is GrooveFunnels?

Mike Filsaime announced that they would have three pricing plans for GrooveFunnels and GrooveWebinars.

The GrooveFunnels Silver Plan and the GrooveFunnels Gold Plan are going to be monthly plans that go live sometime in July 2020.

Right now, the only available option is the lifetime Platinum option.

In the video below I’ll give a look behind the scenes and explain every app you will get with GrooveFunnels.

Full Groove Funnels Review | All Features of GrooveSell, GroovePages, etc. Revealed

In July, when GrooveFunnels fully launches, GrooveDigital is going launch with not only GrooveSell GrooveAffiliate and GroovePages Pro, but they will add GrooveMail GrooveMember and GrooveVideo.

GrooveFunnels Timeline

This is called the SilverPlan and will be sold for $99 per month.

What’s Included In the GrooveFunnels Platinum Plan?

The Platinum Pricing Package will also give you access to GrooveWebinars Live and GrooveWebinars Automated webinars plus GroovePages for Shopify.

Let’s start by giving you an overview of all the GrooveFunnels Apps and talk about what all of these products are. Okay?


So GrooveMail GrooveMail is a CRM like MailChimp, except it’s more powerful.

It’s something more like you’re familiar with ESPs like Active Campaign or Infusionsoft.

It will allow you to do tagging and behavioral-based email marketing, meaning if they see this page, or if they see to this timestamp in the video, if they were on the webinar or not on the webinar, then do this send this email.

Or you create an automation to send a text message. You get the point.

GrooveMail will allow you to import 25,000 contacts. So what that means is you will be able to mail 750,000 emails per month if you’re mailing every day, at no charge.

If you look at what that would cost you, at any company like MailChimp or SendGrid, something like that could cost $299 per month, just to do something like that. GrooveFunnels includes that for free.

Now, if you want to know what the plans are going to be for 50,000 or 100,000, Mike promised, it’ll probably be a third of any published price that there is in any of the leading CRMs out there.

GrooveMail will be so much cheaper than MailChimp Active Campaign and everything like that.

Mike Filsaime

That’s Mike’s promise to us.

It’s important to know that they have hard costs to send out emails for us.

They are going to absorb that for life for us for up to 25,000 leads.

If you exceed that number, there will be a small nominal cost, but I would be happy to pay the extra fee if I had that many people on my email list.


Next is GrooveMember, which is a built-in membership platform like Teachable or Kajabi; it’s going to be pretty robust.

With the membership platform, you can create free, silver, gold, platinum membership levels. GrooveMember will allow you to drip content, host videos, and offer downloads to your customers.

And of course, the most exciting thing is it all works with GrooveSell and GrooveAffiliate.

It’s pretty fantastic.


GrooveVideo is like something like a paid premium upgrade to Vimeo or something like Wistia. It’s going to allow you to host all of your videos, marketing videos.

On top of that, it’s going to have things like split testing; you can control the player controls, you can control the splash image, etc. The most important thing about this is it’s integrated with the entire suite.

So you could use tagging. For example, you could reveal the price 13 minutes into your video sales letter.

You can set a tag if they don’t make it that far to send them a follow-up email and if they do see the price

When they don’t buy, well then you could send them a different follow-up message, maybe with a distinct payment plan.

Now let’s move on to some more exciting things. Remember, all of this part of GrooveFunnels.


GrooveFunnels want to allow you to get you away from WordPress. That means they are working on a very robust blogging system with some elements of GroovePages.

And if you want to have simple things that you can do with your blog, like make updates and posts and have excellent SEO Groove blog is will be a great solution for almost everybody. Of course it will not have everything from WordPress. If you like the WordPress platform as I do, you can still use WordPress in combination with GrooveFunnels.

Groove Calendar.

If you are a coach or want to use GrooveFunnels for things like yoga classes or karate classes, or you can have people book times to speak with you. GrooveCalendar it’s a pretty cool calendar app just like Calendarly or BookLikeABoos.

But the beautiful thing is when they register for your calendar, you will have your contact in GrooveMail and set up automated follow-up sequences.


GrooveDesk is a built-in Help Desk platform, so if somebody puts in a ticket, you’ll instantly be able to see what they purchased and do a refund right from the help desk.

Pretty cool stuff.

GrooveQuiz and Groove Survey

If you want to create Surveys and Quizzes which will use the same technology, you will love these apps. It will be built right into GrooveFunnels so that you can collect email addresses to GrooveMail. It’s a great way to do marketing, and it’s going to be that included in the gold plan as well.

Everything listed is included in the GrooveFunnels Gold & Platinum Plan.

Now, let’s move on to what is available right now because you don’t need to pay $299/month yet.

And that’s GrooveFunnels lifetime option, which is the platinum plan which will later sell for $299 per month.

You’re going to get this for one price, and you will never have to make ongoing payments to us ever again.


GrooveKart is an e-Commerce platform that currently sells for $99 per month. And that competes with Shopify,

GroovePages for Shopify

You will also get access to GroovePages for Shopify. This is going to be an app that’s going to sell on the Shopify marketplace for $49 per month.

GroovePages for Shopify will allow you to design all of your sites and your checkout pages for Shopify, with GroovePages for Shopify, and is included here in the lifetime option.


On top of that, one of the most exciting things you’ll get is GrooveWebinars.

GrooveWebinars is going to be two products in one. It’s going to have live webinars.

So if you’re familiar with things like GoToWebinar, or WebinarJam, and it’s going to have automated webinars, so if you’re familiar with platforms like StealthSeminar, or EverWebinar, these are very expensive platforms, they’re going to be included for free also in this package, or at no extra cost.

What many people don’t know is that GrooveWebinars might be available much sooner than most people estimate as I discussed in my GrooveWebinars Review.

What Is The GrooveFunnels Backer Program?

GrooveFunnels calls the lifetime access to the Platinum Plan a backer of this project. Right now, GrooveDigital was able to raise over $2,5 million from their early adopters.

People who want to save $299 a month or about $36,00 per year, like they would have to pay for similar solutions like Kartra

Right now, you can get lifetime access for less than half of the annual pricing plan with the lifetime option and never make any payments to use GrooveFunnels ever again.

That means you basically own the platform, all the funnels that they will be adding, all the templates, all the features, all the upgrades everything.

With the Lifetime Pricing Plan, you’re getting all the same things here as gold you plus access to GrooveKart.

The GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program

It’s important to know that the affiliate commissions for GrooveFunnels are 20%.

That means if you refer anybody to GrooveFunnels, you will get a 20% affiliate commission.

In July, when we open this up to the public, the Silver Plan will be sold for $99 per month. And there’ll be another option, which is the gold plan, which is going to be $199 per month.

And of course, there is the Platinum program, which will be sold for $299 per month.

Remember the silver plan gives you GrooveSell GrooveAffiliate, GroovePages Pro, GrooveMail GrooveMember group video for only $99 per month.

With the gold plan, you will get GrooveBlog GrooveDesk, GrooveCalendar, GrooveSurvey, and GrooveQuiz in the $199 per month $299 per month pricing plan.

But here’s one more exciting thing right here.

Platinum lifetime members get paid 40% Commission as GrooveFunnels affiliates.

For everyone else, it’s 20%. That means they are doubling their commissions for backers of this project for helping them get the word out with GrooveFunnels.

In fact, you can even promote the free offer just like I do.

And when someone upgrades, most people will only get paid a 20% affiliate commission.

GrooveFunnels Bonus Mailbox Money

When you upgrade to the lifetime version, you also get non-promotional bonuses.

GrooveFunnels will probably come with some very light branding.

What that means is they will have things where your email footers have a tiny link powered by GrooveFunnels, or your webinar rooms might say, powered by GrooveWebinars.

Optionally put on your page badges that we let you turn on or off that says, powered by GroovePages.

These aren’t things that you’re actively endorsing or sending an email or making a video review. It’s just part of your marketing anyway.

And with that, they will pay you a commission as a free bonus.

This is what Mike calls that mailbox money. Just for doing nothing.

None of the other plans will include that.

That means GrooveFunnels will double your affiliate commissions to 40% for all active promotions, and very likely, the whole suite will end up paying for itself if you have any type of reach and people see the fantastic funnels you created.

GrooveFunnels vs Clickfunnels

What makes me so excited about GrooveFunnels vs. Clickfunnels is one thing they also doing with their platform.

They are opening up their API kit to developers. That means is GrooveFunnels is going to be like iOS or Android or the Chrome browser, with extensions like StayFocusd.

It will have things like WordPress, with extensions, or the Shopify marketplace.

What that means is, someone like you or anybody else will be able to develop new apps and plugins that GrooveDigital may never develop, like MLM affiliate programs, or stuff like that.

Somebody can go out and start developing that for on their platform.

Essentially, they are going to have other people helping them to develop the platform.

Imagine what your iPhone would be like without all the apps from the developers in the AppStore?

That’s going to make the power of this platform second to none compared to anything out there.

GrooveFunnels Life-Time Pricing Options

So now, let’s get to the pricing options for the lifetime version.

First, you have to sign up for a free GrooveSell Account, so you become a free member.

When you upgrade to GrooveFunnels before the official launch to the public right now, you can become a backer and get the Platinum lifetime option for life.

Once you make that payment, you never pay anything ever again.

How much does the GrooveFunnels LifeTime Version Cost?

There a for price points for the lifetime version.

GrooveFunnels Pricing Plans

GrooveFunnels Price Point #1

Price point number one is the most affordable one. You only pay $1397 one and own the whole suite for life.

GrooveFunnels Price Point #2

Price point number two includes a free 14-day trail. You get access to everything, and in 14 days, you pay three payments. That’s three monthly payments of $497.

GrooveFunnels Price Point #3

You can go and spread out the lifetime version to six payments.

That would be six payments of only $288.

GrooveFunnels Price Point #4

They even have a 12-month installment program with 12 easy payments of only $188.

Now sign up for the plan that’s right for you either the three payments of 497 that starts in 14 days, or go with either the six-month installment or the 12-month installment that starts at $188.

And remember if you use my affiliate link, I’ve created an amazing bonus for you.

If you have not created a free account I would recommend registering your FREE LIFETIME account for GroovePages and GrooveSell now because the free promotion ends after the Corona Crisis is over.

To upgrade to the full suite you need to Sign Up for a free GroovePages and GrooveSell account and then upgrade on the the upsell page.

One last thing that’s very important.

GrooveFunnels will be shutting this special offer very soon.

There will be a couple of months in between when they stop taking backers before the official launch this to the public.

So this is not going to be available for very long.

So make sure to take advantage today while this option is still available.

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