Why It’s Inevitable To Make Money With The GrooveFunnels JV And Affiliate Program

GrooveFunnels Affiliate Marketing Guide

Recently Mike Filsaime, the Co-Founder of GrooveDigital and GrooveFunnels, released a new video about the GrooveSell, GrooveFunnels JV, and Affiliate Program.

This guide became much longer than I anticipated so I had to create a table of contents, to make sure you don’t miss anything important.

How Do I Become An Affiliate For GrooveSell & GrooveFunnels?

If you want to know how how to make money with the GrooveFunnels Partner Program and to become a GrooveFunnels Affiliate, let me assure you it’s easy to become an affiliate and promote their products.

If you already signed up for a free GrooveSell account, they already signed you up for the affiliate program, and your links and promotional tools are all ready to go.

When you create your free GrooveSell account, the software automatically signs you up for their powerful affiliate program.

Now here’s the thing. There is something that makes the GrooveFunnels affiliate program more unique than anything else out there in the world.

How Does The GrooveFunnels JV and Affiliate Program Work?

The software locks every single person that you refer to them in what Mike calls a parent-child relationship that is hardcoded with an affiliate tag to you.

Essentially what that means is you refer somebody and he creates his free GrooveSell account with your link, and their account is tagged to you for life.

Once you refer somebody, the system will tag them to you. You don’t have to worry about cookies or them using another computer when they decide to upgrade.

For example, many people like to sign up on an iPhone but later upgrade on a laptop.

Sometimes they like to sign up a day a week, or sometimes even two to three weeks or a month or several months later.

With a hard-coded, locked in a parent-child relationship, it doesn’t matter if they sign up on an iPhone, and then take a vacation to Costa Rica, walk into an internet cafe and decide to upgrade.

Once they upgrade with your affiliate link, that person will be locked to you, and you are guaranteed to get an affiliate commission when they upgrade.

What makes The GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program Better than Clickfunnels Or Kartra’s Affiliate Programs?  

First of all, in GrooveFunnels, no one can ever take your lead away from you.

It doesn’t matter if your lead watches a video review or a blog review like this one if somebody else you’ve already referred them.

When somebody signs up for free, they are locked into that specific affiliate, and this cookie can never be overwritten because GrooveSell does not even use cookies at this point.

The tag is hardcoded into the system. So again, it doesn’t matter when someone upgrades, and it doesn’t matter where they upgrade, the affiliate will own this lead for life.

GrooveDigital calls this first tag wins.

What that means is essentially, you only need someone to sign up to GrooveSell for free.

All you have to do is make them aware of this incredible offer. Mike compares this to playing tag.

GrooveFunnels Converts At 20% Right Now

You simply just tag them, and because GrooveFunnels Pricing is insanely good, about 20% of these referrals end up joining the ProMembership.

Now, this might sound cliche, but right now with GrooveFunnels and GrooveSell.

It is like a gold rush. When you compare GrooveFunnels vs Clickfunnels you’ll notice a huge difference because when refer somebody to this amazing Kartra alternative, and they sign up for free, they’re tagged to you for life.

How Easy Is It To Convert People To GrooveFunnels?

At the time of writing this blog post, one in five people that click your link becomes a GrooveFunnels user.

And here’s the most exciting part. Even though they sign up for free, many of those users upgrade to the ProMembership for many different reasons.

And remember, as long as they don’t create a new GrooveSell account, no one can ever get credit for this upgrade, other than the referring affiliate.

No cookie can be wiped out, so most of the time no blog review or video review can take away someone’s referrals.

That’s why now is the best time to join the GrooveFunnels JV and affiliate program.

You can start building a downline so that you get paid on other people’s efforts and referrals.

How Does the GrooveFunnels Tier 2 Affiliate Program Work?

If somebody that you refer also refers somebody else to GrooveFunnels,  the system automatically tags that person to you in a parent, child, grandchild relationship. Unlike for example in Kartra’s affiliate program, that 2nd-tier relationship is automatically created and locked in for life.

If you refer a massive influencer, like Tai Lopez or a Tony Robbins and that person starts telling their people about this, you could earn hundreds, thousands or 10s of thousands of dollars in affiliate commissions.

Just because you will also get paid on their efforts and their referrals.

And again, those will be locked into you hardcoded in your second tier downline.

This is why it’s such a fantastic opportunity right now.

I honestly believe that GrooveFunnels will overtake ClickFunnels and Kajabi in less than three years.

Mike Filsaime has a proven track record of creating software companies like WebinarJam, Everwebinar, and Kartra.

Even though GrooveFunnels is still in beta, they raised almost 3 million dollars with their Kickstarter program. That’s why I’m spending all my time getting the word out right now and write blog posts like this.

Why Most Serious Affiliates Upgrade to the Full GrooveFunnels Suite

Pro members get double the affiliate commission. They get paid 40% on tier one for all of their efforts and 10% on their tier two downlines for the efforts of the people that they refer.

What’s the Affiliate Commission For GrooveFunnels And GrooveSell?

GrooveFunnels offers two affiliate programs. ,

  1. Pro members that have paid and upgraded and
  2. Free GrooveSell members that have not upgraded

Free members that don’t upgrade, get paid at the rate of 20% on tier one, and 5% on tier two.

If you want to take full advantage of the affiliate program, it might be a good thing for you to upgrade as well.

GrooveFunnels is an incredible platform for you to be running your business on.

Calculate Your Affiliate Commissions.

In his video for the GrooveFunnels Partnership Program, Mike mentions that each free referral on average that someone refers to them is going to result in a $9,60 commission.

This calculation is based on free sign-ups on average, not sales. So what that means is, if you refer on average about ten people to us, we’re going to pay you to your account about $9.

If you are referring 100 people, they are going to pay you $960 on average to your account and now over the next weeks and months to come.

If you refer over 1000 people, that will result on average to about $9,600 for you.

Depending on your influence this could take months or several months.

If you refer 10,000 people to GrooveFunnels, that’s going to result on average about $96,000 to you.

Now, Mike calculated these numbers for pro members.

And you can expect half if you’re a free member, but again, that’s a good reason for you to upgrade.

Now keep in mind, these metrics that Mike shared with you are just average and based on the signs up on day one. Many people do like to upgrade days weeks, sometimes even months later.

And GrooveFunnels will continue to market to those people with retargeting and onboarding processes and email follow up sequences. It’s in their natural interest to do their very best to convert these people to paid customers.

As I wrote in my GrooveFunnels Review, I do believe that this software is one of the best investments you can make for anyone who wants to build any type of serious business online.


Mike’s calculation does not even include the second tier affiliate commissions, so these numbers could be exponentially different when the people that you refer start to refer other people.

That’s why he recommends (and I agree) to tell them about this free software that can replace software like ThriveCart, PayKickStar or SamCart, that other people pay $99/month to use.

Why the GrooveSell Affiliate Program Is Doomed To Get Viral

Mike and the company want to see this getting viral.

It’s relatively easy to sell a free $99/month software.

But here is where GrooveSell shines. The software makes sales extremely easy for your referrals to promote the software, so you can benefit from second-tier commissions.

To make sales because GrooveFunnels offers pre-made copy paste promotion tools for everyone.

GrooveSell will give you all of the stats to tell you your clicks, your referrals, and your sales for free. Unlike platforms like Teachable, you don’t have to pay extra to set up an affiliate program.

They have pre-made high converting email swipes, blog reviews, banners, thank you page ads that you can put on you thank you pages when people opt into your newsletter, or when people buy your products.

For example, if you have any type of membership platform where people log out, you can place a logout page ad, claiming to offer GrooveSell as an unadvertised bonus.

So when they download your product, step two is to get GrooveSell for free.

If you’re someone that likes Facebook, they promote copy for your Facebook ads and social media posts.

Every GrooveSell account has pre-made Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn posts, pre-made articles, press releases, and video reviews, where you just copy and paste what they give you and post it on Facebook, and the software will automatically load the video with your affiliate link right underneath.

And finally, last but not least, they create email signatures for you. If you want to become an affiliate for GrooveFunnels, you can simply go into Gmail or Outlook and change your email signature to GrooveFunnels provides for you.

Every single time you send an email, you can include a PS with our message that tells people to get GrooveSell for free. You never know who you might be responding with, for example, when you use a helpdesk or have an interaction where an influencer might sign up for GrooveSell.

People who see the same video and that will become your sub army of affiliates underneath you that will be earning you income as well.

How To 10x Your Results With The GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program

Did you know that each of these emails means I’m making $596.40?

I cannot understand why not more people promote GrooveFunnels right now.

However, I still see many people spam other people with their links.

Why Most People Fail With Affiliate Marketing

Spamming your affiliate links is not the way to upgrade people from the free version of GrooveSell and GroovePages to the full GrooveFunnels suite.

Ideally, you want to make sure that people ASK for YOUR link because you provide so much additional value.

So really start to think about what kind of value you can add?

If you are new to affiliate marketing you want to give as much personal attention to each potential lead as you can.

Ask them about their business?

  • Does it even make sense for them to use GrooveFunnels?
  • How can they benefit from GrooveFunnels in the future?

Become A GrooveFunnels Expert In Less Than 5 Minutes

Read my review in-depth review about GrooveFunnels and my GrooveFunnels Pricing Guide. Seriously. Read them.

Master the basics.

For example, did you know that GrooveFunnels is built on the progressive JavaScript Framework VUE.JS and not Bootstrap? Things like this will make you sound like an expert.

GrooveFunnels Software Development Framework VUE.JS

You do not need to understand the technical details but people will understand the difference between a page load time of 5 seconds and leaving before they even see the offer and 1 second.

Do Your Research

Do a bit of research and ask questions before you post your link.

If I reach out to people on Facebook, I always ask about their business and the software they use already. Once they told me about their current tech stack and business model, I sent this message (if it makes sense).

Ask Questions

For example, when they tell me that they are using Clickfunnels right now might send them a message like this in a private conversation in messenger.

When you compare GrooveFunnels to Clickfunnels, you can choose to pay $3564 for Clickfunnels every year and will not get half of what you’ll get with the GrooveFunnels life-time-deal for only 3x$497.

This lifetime deal will not be available any longer when GrooveFunnels closes before their launch, and to use the software, you will have to pay more for less.

And btw did you know I also created these fantastic bonuses if you sign up with my link?

Do you want to know more about this?

Provide Amazing Customer Support

Makeing money as an affiliate marketer with GrooveFunnels can be work. Sometimes people just sign up with my affiliate link just from reading this review and seeing the bonues I provide.

However sometimes I need to put in a lot more work to secure a sales.

Use Permission-Based Marketing, and you’ll start receiving emails like this very soon as well.

Sales Notifications From GrooveSell

Avoid getting banned from the Affiliate Program

To avoid getting kicked out of the affiliate program, make sure to read the Affiliate Terms and Conditions.

You must Always follow the FTC guidelines when promoting GrooveFunnels, and you must not use the following promotional methods listed below if you are approved for this affiliate program. Often time people just jump into a program because they’ve read a blog post about different high-ticket affiliate programs and think all join the program is all there is to it.

(Doing so may result in you being terminated from the affiliate program and forfeiting any outstanding commissions.)

  1. Sending Spam or using safe lists any kind.
  2. Offering cash rebates to people who buy through your affiliate link.
  3. Using negative words such as ‘scam’ in a promotional campaign.
  4. Misrepresenting our product/offer or not follow any endorsement rules and regulations that are applicable.
  5. Using cookie stuffing.
  6. Using fraudulent credit cards.
  7. Encourage purchases for the sole purposes of qualifying for a prize by saying things like, but not limited to: “Just buy the lowest priced option and send me your receipt and after 30 days just cancel and I’ll send you my bonus.”
  8. You may team up with people you have partnered with before on your own front-end product. You must be known in the industry as business partners. No first time partnerships allowed to qualify for prizes. You can partner for commissions however, with no restrictions.
  9. Do not create negative review sites.
  10. Write your own unique and honest reviews. You may use a Youtube video embeds from their Youtube channel. You may NOT use JV videos on review site pages.
  11. Do not buy from your own link. Affiliates. You will not be paid. Do not use affiliate program as a rebate or discount for personal purchases.

GrooveDigital Will Protect Your Leads

I tried to ask Joe Jablonski and the support to manually override the affiliate referral and attribute the leads to me. Here is what happened.

They did not do it, even if my referrals reached out to them multiple times.

GrooveFunnels will protect your leads and I love when a company walks it’s talk.

Update: Avoid Getting Banned from the GrooveFunnels Partner Program

GrooveFunnels recently updated their affiliate rules and introduced a “GAMING THE SYSTEM CLAUSE

That means that any affiliate who is looking to “Game the system” will be banned and all commissions voided.

In the past, I used to recommend signing up for a new account to qualify for my bonuses. This is now forbidden.

Gaming the system can potentially lead to a permanent loss of your GrooveFunnels Account. The ToS don state any concrete examples but here is a list of potential reasons to get banned.

  • Signing up for multiple accounts to later sell legacy accounts
  • Signing up influencers, to offering people to join with a new email to get your bonus
  • Screw-over other affiliates that made a referral and so on.
  • Pretending or misleading the public that you work for, or are an employee of, or ARE the official company, etc. will get you banned.

If you have any questions contact us.

As a rule of thumb:

Be carful. “If you think it “might” be crossing the line, you are crossing the line. ” In case of doubt always contact the GrooveDigital Support or reach out to the GrooveDigitals JV manager Joe Jablonsky.

GrooveJV and Affiliates FAQ

Where do I find my GrooveFunnels and GrooveSell affiliate links?

You’ll find your affiliate links in the GrooveFunnels Dashboard under the tap “GrooveAffiliate.” Then you need to select Promos to get your affiliate links.

Where do I find my GrooveFunnels and GrooveSell Promotion Tools?

Login into your GrooveFunnels account https://app.groovefunnels.com/ and go to the left bottom. You’ll find your GrooveFunnels Promotion Tools under the tap “GrooveAffiliate”. Then you need to select Promos and click on “My Affiliate Promotions.”

How Do I get paid a GrooveFunnels Affiliate?

GrooveFunnels pays your commissions via PayPal or Bank Wire. To get paid, you need to login to the software and fill out your payment details.

When do I get paid as a GrooveFunnels Affiliate?

GrooveFunnels pays you after 2 sales.

All sales are paid every weekly.

Commissions are released after 37 days because there is 30 days money back guratantee and seven day buffer period to handle refunds.

Usually, commissions are paid between 37- 42 days from when the sale was made.

If somebody starts a trial. e.g. $0 for 14 days you will see a sale notification for a commission with a commission of $0.

After 14 days, when the referral makes the actual payment of $497, you will then receive another commission notification.

If that sale is not refunded, you will get your commissions for that sale in 37-42 days.

Will I Get 40% commission if I only upgraded to the $497 version of GroovePages without the full GrooveFunnels Suite?

If you just get GroovePages, without the rest of GrooveFunnels, then your commission will be 20%.

If i want to promote “2 tier affiliate link” to big influencers how much commission would i get out of the influencers’s referral?

If you are did not upgrade to the ProMembership 2nd tier payments are at 5% as long as the buyer stay with GrooveFunnels and 10% for ProMembers regardless of whether the first tier upgrades to the ProMembership.

What’s the commission if I make a sale and then upgrade to the ProMembership?

Your commission increases as of the date of the upgrade, it won’t apply retroactively to payments already made. (so you want to upgrade as soon as you have you have a few referrals for GrooveSell coming in because you never know when they will upgrade.)

How can I confirm that when someone clicks my link the code has my cookie?

Simply take the links from your affiliate dashboard and share them. That’s the only thing you need to do.

You can check the cookies when you paste the link in your browser. The URL should contain your unique affiliate id something. (For examples if you want to make sure you qualify for my bonuses the end of the GrooveSell URL should say “/aff_id=529”

And in the checkout form, there should be your affiliate username.

Does someone need to sign up with my 2nd tier affiliate link separately to get 2nd tier commissions?

No. Everything is tracked automatically. Your 2nd tier affiliate commission is hardcoded into the system. But be careful, you might get payments from people other people referred to GrooveSell and you don’t know where they come from. πŸ˜‰

Conclusion: Why It’s Inevitable To Make Money With The GrooveFunnels JV and Affiliate Program

In short, the GrooveFunnels Partner Program makes it simple to make money and generate affiliate commissions.

GrooveDigitals and Mike Filsaime, are focused on creating the most powerful, the most affordable and the easiest to use software for eCommerce and digital marketers

Lots of people love this because it’s super easy to get started and benefit from it even if you don’t put a lot of effort into it or are entirely new to affiliate marketing.

When you create your free GrooveSell account, affiliate referrals are hard-coded into the software, and you get paid even if customers upgrade weeks, months or years later.

What makes the GrooveFunnels Partner Program special as opposed to other affiliate programs is that unlike Kartra or Clickfunnels you are automatically approved and will receive 20% affiliate commission and 5% tier two commission with the free account and 40% affiliate commission and 10% Tier two commission if you upgrade to the pro membership yourself.

Something amazing about the GrooveFunnels Partner Program that you might not see at first is you don’t need to worry that a cookie expires.

By the way, if you have not upgraded to the paid version, I’m offering amazing bonuses that will help you to promote GrooveFunnels yourself.

This is for anyone who realizes that GrooveFunnels is the highest converting product on the internet right now and wants to make thousands of dollars without risk.

The feature I like most about this company is that Mike Filsaime walks its talk.

Right now, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

GrooveDigital and this group are growing like crazy and most people have never heard about the software.

Yet, from the very start, GrooveDigitals used its software to launch its Kickstarter project to raise about 3,000,000 from its customers.

GrooveFunnels Testimonial

None of their pages were as polished as the ones you see from established SaaS companies, but people have enough trust in this company to pay $1500 without even thinking twice.

Mike keeps things simple and iterates faster than anyone else I’ve seen.

Of course, there are still some bugs you need to walk around when you create your first page with GroovePages.

But that’s not a big deal, at least from my perspective, because GrooveDigital just hired six more developers to get rid of these bugs before their launch in July.

I plan to use this affiliate program to use it on all my future launches, my GrooveFunnels Bonus page, and will recommend it to all my students.

But when you compare this affiliate program to Just one sale has a life-time-value of $600.

You’ll never see something like that in another program.

You should definitely grab this

In my opinion, it’s absolute no-brainer to sign up and start promoting it.

For more details groovefunnelbonus.com

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