Kartra Blog – 3 Proven Ways to Publish Blog Posts With Kartra


Do you want to create your own blog on Kartra but trying to figure out what’s the best way to do this? 

Do you want to take advantage of the get free traffic you’ll get Google because you Kartra Blog is SEO optimized, but you feel like it’s too difficult to figure it out because Kartra is not build for blogging as Kartra’s CTA Hector Yague mentioned? 

Well, look no further because this article will give you three proven strategies that you can choose from to host your Kartra blog depending on your business model (and of course without you having to become a programmer or CMS expert). 

Best of all, I’m 100% confident one of these will work for your business. 

Choosing the right way to blog on Kartra depends a lot on your strategy. 

Just accept this limitation and consider the different options presented in this article before you create a new website on Kartra. 

Hector Yague Statement about Blogging on Kartra

For example, if you plan to use your blog to bring organic traffic via search engine optimization then WordPress would be best your best option.  

If you plan to use paid traffic to your blog and not writing many posts then there is no need for a 3rd party solution and Kartra will work perfectly for you as I pointed out in this Kartra Review. 

Does Kartra Have A Blog?

There are blog templates but Kartra isn’t a content management system like WordPress. That means it doesn’t auto-update blog posts. 

Most people host their blog in WordPress and just use a special Kartra plugin to publish their Kartra pages to WordPress. 

This means you create a separate page for each blog post and make a blog page that lists each post’s information with a link to that post’s page.

Probably creating a simple blogging system would be very easy for Kartra to do. However, they have so far made a strategic decision not to for reasons the Kartra community is not aware of. 

Like every other company, Genesis Digital has only so many resources and opportunities and has to prioritize them. 

Maybe they may not want all the traffic a blog brings and the potential loads and support required to handle it on a massive scale or many it’s because the developers who created Kartra Pages are now working for GroovePages (which will have a blogging platform) 

Option #1: Use Kartra Blog Pages

This way is all about the fact that If you just plan to add a blog to your website for credibility and just publish a blog post every once in a while using Kartra’s blog templates is a simple and proven solution for every Kartra user.

You need to understand this way means If you don’t want the hassle of installing a WordPress and just want to create a few blog posts this is the best solution for you. .

This way spells the difference between success and failure for bloggers who use Kartra because One of the main benefits of using Kartra is that you have everything in one plan. If you spend dozens of hours learning how to set up WordPress and don’t plan to spend major effort into learning SEO you would be wasting valuable time..

Kartra Landing Pages For Blogs

At this point, you should definitely Make yourself familiar with Kartra’s blogging template create 3 basic blog posts and decide if this option is right for you. 

Option #2: Use A Software Like Drop-In-Blog to Create A Kartra Blog

Kartra Blog Alternative

DropInBlog is a service that allows you to copy and paste html code onto a Kartra page and so you can have a blog on your Kartra site.  

DropInBlog is not a plugin and does not need WordPress. DropInBlog is a full blogging software designed to drop into an existing website. To use it you would need to login to their software, write blog posts there, hit save, and it looks like the blog is built on Kartra. 

The software comes with the most important functions you would need for blogging.  have all the functionality you need:

  • Social sharing links 
  • Comments functionality 
  • Different authors 
  • Embed Images and Videos
  • Article categories

Although not perfect, DropInBlog will help you with SEO as well and comes with built in SEO analyzer that gives you some suggestions to make your blog posts more SEO friendly. 

While it’s certainly a good solution for some people what’s really putting me off is their pricing. While Kartra’s Pricing Plans are affordable because you’ll get 11 different software tools in one solution with DropInBlog you would have to spend a lot of money without the benefits of WordPress for a basic blogging functionality.

DropInBlog Pricing

WIth even for just $19/month you would get stellar hosting from companies like SiteGround and WPX. 

What’s even more important is that you don’t own your content because it is stored in their cloud. In a worst-case scenario the company could go broke and you’ll lose all of your content. 

If you really make blogging an important part of your marketing mix you want to use the solution Genesis Digital recommends. 

Option #3: Use Kartra And WordPress For Blogging (Recommended)

The official recommendation for blogging is to host your Kartra blog on WordPress and the solution most Kartra users choose.

Kartra Facebook Group Comment about WordPress and Kartra Pages.

This way means that if you want to focus on SEO this is the by far the best solution.

The most important thing to get with this is You’ll get the best of two worlds.

This way is critical because once your company grows and you want certain functionality there is a 99.9% chance you can a plugin or hire someone do it in WordPress. 

Host Kartra Web Pages on Your WordPress Site

Thanks to Brian Katzung there is even a plugin that will make it super easy to run your entire Kartra site on WordPress. 

To make this work you would need to signup for a hosting company like SiteGround or WPX where you install WordPress. 

Then you pick a super fast theme like GeneratePress or Astra and embed your static Kartra Pages on your main domain.

How to Use WordPress With Kartra

If you want to host Kartra website on your main domain you can choose to put your blog to a subdomain e.g. blog.website.com or website.com/blog

If you need help with this feel feel to reach out to me personally because I’m currently working on an SEO course for Kartra users. 

Host your blog on your main domain or sub-domain

Regardless of how you choose to use a blog on Kartra, don’t just sit on this new knowledge and procrastinate. 

Set up your website on Kartra you can capture people’s emails and sell your products and services, which is really what every online entrepreneur who uses Kartra wants, right? 

Of course! 

Oh, before I forget, if you have not signed up for Kartra yet you can grab this amazing bonus I just created for you! 

Kartra Bonus

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